Sink Your Fangs Into The Rattlesnake Open $100k Main Event This Sunday

3 years ago
Sink Your Fangs Into The Rattlesnake Open $100k Main Event This Sunday
18 May

Where are you going to be this Sunday? The clever money says wherever it is you need to be part of the Rattlesnake Open Main Event, the crowning glory in Global Poker’s flagship championship series, boasting a massive $100,000 in guaranteed cash prizes – and offering satellite entry to the USA’s fastest-growing real money poker site big event.

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The three weeks of Rattlesnake action so far has seen every single tournament exceed its guarantee and you can be sure that the Main Event will follow suit – the Global Poker team pulling out all the stops to ensure the Rattlesnake Open ends with a bang – and a big bite of the cash pie for those in the money come Sunday night.

From the outset, the numbers taking advantage of the USA’s leading play for real money poker site have been remarkable, 3000 plus runners in the opening freeroll setting off a goldrush effect which saw the total prizes paid out more than double than the $1,250,000 guarantee – that a cool $¼ million in cold, hard cash.

How do I get into the Main Event?

Simple enough – either ‘pay that man his money’ (the direct buy-in to the tournament is SC$218) or satellite in at various levels to suit your bankroll…

The Satellite Route

For as little as SC$0.55 you can win your way into the season ending biggie – tournaments on both Saturday and Sunday guaranteeing seats to the Main Event!

You can also start of a bit closer the guaranteed $100k in prize money, the $33 Sunday afternoon feeder event kicking off just an hour before the Main Event itself – 20 seats guaranteed offering very good odds to take your big event seat.

So, no matter where you are around the US this Sunday, at 5:30pm EST make sure you are logged on to – you have to be in it to win it!

About Global Poker

If it’s all a bit knew to you, the history of Global Poker is unique with last year’s Eagle Cup setting them on the road to becoming the fastest-growing poker site open to Americans.

This winter’s Grizzly Games solidified their reputation as an excellent cardroom with huge and varied offerings - and now the spring addition of the Rattlesnake Open promises to be the biggest tournament event in Global Poker history.

Global Poker’s $weeps Cash (SC$)

Looking for a way to re-introduce the game to the US market, Global Poker came up with a cunning plan…

You can play with two currencies, Gold Coins and $weeps Cash.

  • When you buy Gold Coins we give you bonus $weeps Cash free of charge.
  • Gold Coins let you play for fun, but switch to $weeps Cash and you can play for real money.
  • Cash out your winnings using PayPal.

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