Staples Brothers Ultimate Sweat Fans Walk Off With $6k!

2 years ago
Staples Brothers Ultimate Sweat Fans Walk Off With $6k!
06 Jul

If you thought the $150,000 prop bet won by Jaime and Matty Staples earlier this year meant Ultimate Sweat 1 was done and dusted, you’d only be half right – Jaime yesterday revealing the Ultimate Sweat fan winners who would share a healthy $5k between them – with a lovely and unexpected bonus thrown in for good measure…

While Jaime was dropping from a hefty 304lbs down to 188.3lbs, and little brother Matt was piling on the weight and muscle to go from 135lbs to the exact same weight…

…a chunk of their fanbase were attempting similarly gargantuan challenges, some following Matty’s lead in bulking up, while others were inspired by Jaime’s amazing transformation and shedding as much as 100lbs or more in weight…

First up, Jaime – recently recovered from a nasty viral chest infection - revealed that Matthew Bunn was the deserving winner of the bulking up challenge, a la Matty, and it’s clear why he scooped the $2500 giveaway…

There was even tougher competition in the attempt to follow Jaime’s lead and shed the excess weight by eating healthier and working out more, a threeway race between three long-time fans of the Staples duo - CarlxofxDuty, Brian McDonald and Elise – a decision which the PokerStars pro and TwitchTV streamer found very difficult to call.

In the end he named Elise, otherwise known as GrillOnTwitchfor - her remarkable 104lb weightloss in a year an excellent example of what dedication and hard work can bring and full deserving of the $2500 coming her way…

Jaime wasn’t quite done handing out the rewards, though, feeling bad that Carl and Brian were left empty-handed despite the huge effort they put in, and so along with brother Matty he chucked an extra $1000 into the kitty! 

A sweet $500 piece for the slimming pair and Jaime promised there was more – much more! - to come in this year’s Ultimate Sweat 2.0, Stay tuned and be inspired!

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