Steven ‘SvZff’ van Zadelhoff takes down WCOOP Main Event for $1,624,502

2 years ago
Steven ‘SvZff’ van Zadelhoff takes down WCOOP Main Event for $1,624,502
27 Sep


It’s a name which may not be so well-known among the wider poker community, but those in the know will not be surprised to hear that Dutchman Steven ‘SvZff’ van Zadelhoff has taken down the WCOOP Main Event, snagging a massive $1,624,502 chunk of the $10million+ guaranteed prizepool on PokerStars.

With a $5200 buy-in, the event attracted 1,804 unique entries, and when the 379 re-entries were added it had swollen the money up for grabs to $10,915,000, the top 278 finishers guaranteed at least $8,918.

That barrier was broken early on day 2, and by the time they finished up for the night there were only nine player left, returning to fight it out in the final table – Maltese-resident van Zadelhoff in a commanding position but being chased by an international field which included the Thai-based pair of Michael ‘imluckbox’ Addamo and ‘romanooo64’.

However Melbourne man Addamo was first to hit the rails, followed shortly afterwards by his compatriot for the WCOOP, ‘romanooo64’, who found van Zadelhoff waiting in the big blind with an even bigger ‘Big Slick’, spiking the river king to down the his jacks and send him home (or offline at least) with $166,961.

Coolers and rivers were the order of the day, Finland’s Heikki ‘Kekkhou’ Piira running his kings into aces while Georgios ‘Geokarak’ Karakousis saw his run ended when the river filled an open-ended straight draw for his opponent.

When the Brazilian duo of Mantovani and Rocha followed Austria’s ‘JeremiieLand’ out the door, Rocha unable to convince the others that a deal was a good idea, we were left heads-up for the title and almost $½million in cash between van Zadelhoff and Herman.

With the bloggers at PokerStars expecting a long duel, the duo at the table had different ideas, the blog conceding: ‘It would only take a few minutes more for a winner to be found, meaning the final table as a whole only took a bit more than three-and-a-half hours to complete.’

The heads-up ended abruptly on the 8th hand, when ‘joshuah333’ open-pushed from the button, van Zadelhoff called in a flash, and cards went on their backs,’ according to the PS blog.

SvZff: A♥J♣

joshuah333: A♣2♣

‘A bigger ace for van Zadelhoff, and the edge grew even bigger after the J♦5♥7♣ flop paired his kicker. By the K♠ turn it was over, with joshuah333 offering a final "gg" in the chatbox as the meaningless 8♠ completed the board. It was over - van Zadelhoff had done it!’

So a commanding Main Event victory for the Dutchman, cementing his place in both ‘Dutch’ and ‘World’ money lists online, to add to his $1.5million+ from live events.

WCOOP Main Event Final Table Results

1Steven ‘SvZff’ van Zadelhoff
2Joshua ‘joshuah333’ Herman
3Bernardo ‘Machadada RS’ Rocha
4Alexandre ‘Cavalito’ Mantovani
6Georgios ‘Geokarak’ Karakousis
7Heikki ‘Kekkhou’ Piira
9Michael ‘imluckbox’ Addamo

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