The Four Musketeers in Vegas

1 year ago
The Four Musketeers in Vegas
16 Nov

In the original tale by Alexandre Dumas, the character D’Artagnan was a young man who travelled to the big city and befriended the Three Musketeers. In Christin Maschmann’s latest vlog, swap D’Artagnan for a young female - and Paris for Vegas – and you have a similar story of legendary adventures, the German-Irish poker vlogger joining YouTube poker legends Kevin ‘Pokerkraut’, Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen on a ‘Card Room Crawl’ along the Las Vegas Strip to promote her book ‘StripNit’.

Maschmann’s ‘Nice and Sunny’ vlogs have become a big hit, the poker amateur regaling fans with her happy-go-lucky travels and tournaments from her adopted Dublin home – and recently her poker took her to Vegas and a meet-up with some of YouTube’s finest.

PokerKraut, Kevin is a German low-stakes grinder making his way in Las Vegas and vlogging since last spring, while Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen are ‘old-school regulars’ of PokerTube’s pages, their cash game sessions, hand analysis and insights gracing the site many times this past year or so.

Well, what does a ‘Card Room Crawl’ in Las Vegas look like? It starts on a bright October morning with a 10am date at the Golden Nugget, poker on the breakfast menu and a plan to follow a route south through Christin’s favourite cardrooms as detailed in her book StripNit, the adventures of a poker fangirl in Vegas.

Naturally, the Germans - Christin, Pokerkraut and friend Prince –are the first to appear, not quite laying out the beachtowels in advance but rather joining the morning half-hour queue for a game at the Nugget!

So, the poker aspect is unfortunately invisible – casinos apparently cracking down on the filming at the tables we’ve all enjoyed over the last year or so since our top vloggers have appeared on the scene.

Vegas vistas and a great soundtrack interspersed with Christin’s commentary, however, do make it a watchable adventure as they trek from the MGM to the Excalibur where Christin somehow spots some topless pics of yours truly, or at least a lookalike hunk from a Chippendales-style show. Thankfully the ‘viewer discretion advised’ portion is cut short, with Christin revealing she has an all-nighter of poker lined up – almost 24 hours at the tables.

If you’ve never been to Vegas, the sheer number and proximity of the big casinos is overwhelming, and Christin’s selfie-stick sojourn gives a great overview of the place – more travelogue than poker vlog, although she does mention her first profit from a quick session at Planet Hollywood, before swiftly heading over to the Flamingo.

By now you might be wondering if the other Three Musketeers have launched an adventure of their own without telling our German-Irish host, but fear not as Brad Owen appears at the Westgate – a new addition to the Vegas strip of cardrooms. Owen is a well-known man in the area and his vlogs are hugely popular, the 30th featuring a lovely pair of pocket aces against Phil Hellmuth by way of celebration.

Pokerkraut’s Meet and Greet game is our first view of an actual poker table and as usual Andrew Neeme is sitting with a huge stack, the laid-back pro featuring on these pages when he hit 50,000 YouTube subscribers on only his 48th vlog back in April.

With her German friend PokerKraut leaving his own game early – the chair was there but his chips had long gone apparently courtesy of BadBeatBrad – it was a chance for Christin to grab some tips and pointers from the best in the game, and despite it being the middle of the night when the game broke you can rest assured that she left the CardRoomCrawl feeling ‘Nice and Sunny’ as always – her StripNit adventures starting a new chapter.

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