The Hand that Busted Jason Somerville out of the Run It Up Reno Main Event

2 years ago
The Hand that Busted Jason Somerville out of the Run It Up Reno Main Event
23 Oct

The 2017 Run It Up Reno Main Event is underway but it will have to go on without its founder - Jason Somerville (AKA JCarver).

Run It Up Reno is the live tournament series that spun out off of Run It Up! Jason Somerville's extremely popular Twitch poker stream.

It runs multiple times a year in the Peppermint Casino and has the reputation of being one of the most fun poker events in the calendar. 

Besides the good press and his cut of the profits, the event serves as an opportunity for JCarver to share with his many fans and strengthen the community that has grown around his streams. So, he plays on Run it Up Reno himself every chance he gets

Variance doesn't care that the boss is playing, however, and after finishing day one with a sizeable chip stack…

He received a few blows throughout day 2 and saw himself progressively losing his stack.

It all came down to one final hand against Jeffrey Heatherington. Jason had 200k in chips in the small blind, and shoved before the flop with King-Seven of clubs,  Jeffrey called from the big blind with ace-queen of diamonds.

The flop was a sick joke at JCarv's expense; it paired his King, but it also gave Jeffrey a flush draw.  The turn was a brick, a three of spades, but the river was measly two of diamonds that completed the flush and busted Somerville out in 18th place

Despite busting out, it was another good Run It Up Reno for Somerville. He currently holds the record for the most cashes out any player in the event's short history.

JCarver may be on the rails but the tournament continued without him. Stay tuned to PokerTube for news on the Run It Up Reno Main Event final table.

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