The Top Three Angle Shots of All Time

1 year ago
The Top Three Angle Shots of All Time
04 Dec

EPT Barcelona angleshoot by Quan Zhou may have been the most blatant in recent history, but the Chinese player’s attempt to trick his opponent is far from the only one poker has seen.

It’s been a while since we compiled our last list of poker’s low-down, dirty tactics hounddogs, so perhaps it’s time to catch up on the worst (or should it be best?) angleshoots caught on camera

To get you in the mood, here’s Zhou’s effort, one that is likely to top the lists for quite some time… 

Quan Zhou’s Barcelona Shadiness

The fake-fold followed by the sneaky-peek at his opponent’s cards – all caught in glorious close-up, leaves little room for denial, though Zhou tried of course.

Naturally, there will almost always be a debate over whether such acts are deliberate or not – on occasion players don’t realise they’ve done something dodgy.

Other times, though, it’s clear as day that an angle has been shot – especially when you combine televised poker with the forensic skills of the card-playing community

Alec Torelli’s Double Trouble

Hidden chips, extra chips, dropped chips, Torelli has the full repertoire,  one of which impress genuine and honest poker players.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me? Maybe it’ll be third time lucky for Torelli’s opponents, although Torelli’s reputation is already rather tattered.

Armenian Mike’s all-in ‘joke’

When you shove your stack in, the last thing you want to see is an instacall. Not a problem for Armenian Mike on Live at the Bike, of course – simply say you were joking and take your chips back!


Reputation usually counts for a lot in the game of poker, but for this trio it seems that plumbing the depths is par for the course. The big question is, who’ll be next to angleshoot their way to infamy?

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