Alec Torelli Angles Again On Live At The Bike?

4 years ago
Alec Torelli Angles Again On Live At The Bike?
04 Apr

Alec Torelli, who had most of the poker community out to lynch him after his blatant angleshooting last year on Poker Night in America, was up to his old tricks again last week – on his own Alec Torelli Live at the Bike Week – ‘accidentally’ dropping a chip into the middle when faced with an all-in call.

Torelli has been the subject of well-earned abuse on pretty much every online forum for his despicable cheating against Daniel Clarence Wolf last June, accused of hiding a pair of $5k chips behind the rest of his stack, catching Wolf out for an extra 100BB when he shoved unaware of Torelli’s true stack size – a matter compounded by Torelli ‘going north’ shortly prior to the hand by sneaking an extra $5K chip onto the table.

The Live at the Bike decision to feature a ‘Torelli Week’ for their popular livestreamed cash games led to much discussion given Torelli’s previous, and when ‘Chicago Joey’ Ingram hung up on Torelli during an interview, the internet went in overdrive

Nothing, however, seems to stop Torelli from acting like a douchebag, this time eagle-eyed poker fans catching Torelli out in a ‘woops, dropped my chips’ moment.

Torelli, doubtless looking for a read or tell when faced with a big all-in, somehow managed to let a chip slip – his opponent none-too-impressed as you can see in the clip above, but managing to avoid giving Torelli what he obviously wanted.

How Torelli’s angle-shoot works

A Reddit sub-thread dedicated to the latest angle-shoot sees user ‘spencerAF’ expertly explains exactly how this could work in Torelli’s favour…

"The angle is that if the dude against Torrelli asks whether that's a call or not… Torelli gets a read and probably gets to play the hand perfectly. Let's say the dude tries to press the matter, and say that it is a call, Alec still has plausible deniability that he made a mistake… in most scenarios ends up being able to fold, basically getting all the information that he needs."

‘It's 'Alec Torelli week' after all, is the floor really going to come over and rule against the 'draw' of the show this week?

He explains the other side of the coin as well:

"Alec can also spin it the other way and if he feels like the guy doesn't really want a call, he can go ahead and pick the bluff off. It's a pretty ridiculous cheap shot that puts the other dude in an awful spot where he's giving Torelli the benefit of the doubt, but probably shouldn't be."

He ends his explanation with:

"I've commented this before and I'll say it again. imo it's in the 99% that someone as experienced and savvy as Torelli is absolutely doing this type of shit completely on purpose to 'try to get a read' or 'for gamesmanship.' It's complete bullshit in my opinion and Alec has proven himself to be the type of shady asshole that deserves to have every angle imaginable thrown at him. Especially for trying to fuck some dude out of 1500 that for sure means a lot more to the other guy."

Over to Alec Torelli to explain himself, but it’s doubtful that the poker community will be giving him the benefit of the doubt ever again.

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