Theft, Attacks And More During WSOP This Week

1 year ago
Theft, Attacks And More During WSOP This Week
06 Jun

If you thought all you had to worry about this summer at the WSOP was someone attacking your big blind or stealing your antes, think again – yesterday seeing Randy nanonoko Lew’s car broken into, just days after Todd Brunson and Jungleman Dan Cates were both attacked…

Online legend nanonoko’s ‘busto’ reaction was in stark contrast to Todd Brunson’s earlier in the week, the son of legendary Texas Dolly Doyle Brunson calling out the “coward bitches” who assaulted him…

While Lew claimed to have had little to lose, and Brunson seemingly ready to lose a lot more with his ‘come back and fight fair’ approach, for Daniel Jungleman Cates it was rather different.

Flying in to Vegas for some highstakes action at Bobby’s Room with Gus Hansen, the Maryland-born maestro fancied a late-night snack and headed out into the Vegas streets.

Not paying attention, Cates was smacked in the face and robbed of his wallet, the now black-eyed legend explaining to Joe Ingram on his podcast:

“I got mugged…I’m ok, I just got punched a few times”.

Cates seemed a bit shaken by the incident, unsure what to do at the time though he was fortunate things didn’t turn out worse, and contacted the police afterwards.

Ingram quizzed him on how much had been stolen – “a $million?” – with Cates answering that he never carries that much, before stating:

“When I do carry that much, I’m way more cautious”.

Vegas is regularly in the top 20% of American cities when it comes to crime stats, violent crime around 62% higher than the national average.

For those heading out for the WSOP this month and next, security is definitely something to take into consideration. Good luck at the tables and stay safe on the streets or, maybe, try some good online casino like

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