Tony G's €1Million Bet

3 years ago
Tony G Offers €1Million Bet To NIgel Farage
21 Jun


If you thought it was silly season in the betting stakes, with Daniel Negreanu, Bill Perkins, Jason Mercier, Vanessa Selbst and a host of others offering up weird and wonderful bets, then it has become even crazier still – with the enigmatic Tony G offering a €1 million bet to the leader of one of Britain’s political parties!

The infamous poker pro and Lithuanian MEP has asked UKIP leader Nigel Farage to put his money where his mouth is for Thursday’s big Brexit vote, which will see the UK voting on whether to remain in the European Union or strike out on their own.

In an open letter Mr Guoga – or Tony G as we all know and love (or hate) him said:

A big day is approaching: a day when the UK will decide to stay in the EU. Obviously, you are not so convinced yet. Therefore, I want to make a huge offer to you ahead of the historic in/out referendum this Thursday. I am so confident that the British people will do the right thing and vote to remain in the EU that I offer a €1 million charity bet to you on Leave!”

Farage is the leader of UKIP (the United KingdomIndependence Party) and has been a strong advocate for the UK to leave its European counterparts, based mainly on his party’s strong stance on immigration – a stance which many believe is thinly-veiled racism.

Farage last week bet £1000 of his own money that the ‘Leave’ campaign – which has very little support from business leaders, politicians or anyone outside of the average working-class person - would decide to go it alone.

Explaining his reasons for wanting the UK to stay within the EU, Tony G said:

Don’t leave Europe to Germany and France. That would be a pity for markets, businesses, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and creators worldwide.”

He added, recogninsing the need for EU reform:

I know that you, in particular, and many British people love to criticise the ineffectiveness of the EU. I agree. This can all and will be reformed - with the UK in the EU. We need you here and we need you to be stronger. I am a huge advocate for EU reform. I am sure there is no need for two Parliaments in Brussels and Strasbourg when one could do the job. I am so tired of taking that train to Strasbourg every month.”

Speaking of the Russian leader’s recent call for the UK to leave the 28-member European ‘state’, Guoga explained:

Me and my mother had to flee (Russia). I think that the biggest winner in Britain leaving the EU would be Russia and I don’t feel safe about it observing what is happening in Europe. Also, I wouldn’t like Putin to raise a toast to Brexit. I lived under the Big Bear and I didn’t like that too much!”

In response, a UKIP spokesman stated only:

It’s nice that the Euro elite have so much money to throw around the place. Hard pressed working men and women must be so impressed at his frivolity.”

This prompted a response from Guoga, saying:

After that, he again tweeted Farage directly:

For anyone wondering when poker, betting and politics started mixing, look no further than Daniel Negreanu’s recent attacks on Donald Trump in the USA. Back in March Negreanu offered a $100,000 bet to the billionaire presidential hopeful, to “fact check Trump's claim that he doesn't have a small penis.”

A few days later the Canadian poker star took things a step further, upping the stakes by swearing the Oath of Allegiance at a ceremony in Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon – becoming a US citizen for the sole intention of being able to vote against Trump in the November elections.

At the time, Negreanu stated:

I don’t want to see race relations devolve in this country. I don’t want to see relations with Mexico hurt." He also stated on Twitter that: "I will continue to speak out against the violence and racist, bigoted, vitriol encourage by Donald Trump. This is serious. It’s not a joke.”

Many in the UK liken UKIP leader Farage to Trump based on their views on immigration. This week Farage has been at the centre of a political storm on two fronts – being accused of claiming ‘victim’ status akin to that of murdered Labour politician Jo Cox, as well as a photo of him smirking next to a poster reminiscent of pre-war German nazi propaganda.

Trump has also been targeted for his views, with the latest being a British teenager who claimed his reasons for trying to grab a gun from a police officer at the Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas at the weekend was “To shoot and kill Trump.”

Away from the seriousness of the political sphere, Las Vegas is also enjoying a number of crazy bets, the biggest being the $1.8million Vanessa Selbst (and/or her backers) stands to lose should Jason Mercier bag a 3rd bracelet before the end of the WSOP.

Mercier has been on a real heater this World Series and today he resumes Event #32, the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better Championship in 2nd spot out of 23, with a real chance of taking down a historic win and a huge pile of cash.

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