Tony Miles in $125k Ninja Warrior Prop Bet with Shaun Deeb

1 year ago
Tony Miles in $125k Ninja Warrior Prop Bet with Shaun Deeb
04 Dec

If you thought Tony Miles did well battling through 7,873 other players to his WSOP Main Event$5million-winning 2nd spot this summer, then spare a thought for his latest challenge – a prop bet to somehow overcome 70,000 or so fellow would-be American Ninja Warriors!

At stake, a mere $125,000 payday from the one-and-only Shaun Deeb should Miles manage to not only get a place on the show, but advance to round 2 of the mega-tough televised obstacle course challenge within a year

Miles sprang to prominence this year when he was part of the longest-ever heads-up fight in the history of the World Series of Poker Main Event – 10 hours and 442 hands of poker

His Ninja Warrior battle looks likely to be much tougher, however, Miles chatting this week to PokerNews’ Sarah Herring about what lies in store…

Details of the bet seem to be an open secret, despite Miles’ declining to tell Herring everything on camera, and he has up to three years to complete what must be the longest prop bet in poker history.

  • Complete the bet in 1 year, Miles $5k on the line at 25/1, and he walks off with $125k
  • Take two years to get to round 2 of ANW and the 20/1 odds gives him a $100k payout
  • If he needs the full 3 years, then it’s 15/1 and still a hefty $75k on its way from Deeb

Here’s what he’ll have to navigate on his way to winning…

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