Top 3 Biggest WTF Moments In Poker History

2 years ago
Top 3 Biggest WTF Moments In Poker History
21 Apr

There are thousands of poker hands and stories which raise eyebrows at their unusual outcome or general silliness, but somewhat fewer which instantly make you spit out your drink and exclaim, ‘What the actual fuck did I just see?’

Muck those aces dealer!

Whenever I see this trainwreck of a hand from the 2009 WSOP I just want to reach into my screen and shake the dealer… by the neck!

Poor Frenchwoman Estelle Denis was going along quite nicely until… she picked up pocket aces. Usually a good hand, especially in the biggest tournament of your life, and you see a raise in front of you!

The dealer had other ideas, however, and dragged unlucky Estelle’s hand into the muck! And he just couldn’t keep his hands to himself, even when the floor manager shouted ‘Don’t touch them – I just said don’t do anything!' Well, it all ended badly for the petite mademoiselle – and now she has to relive the horror moment every time someone like me brings it up! Sorry Estelle!

I call, no…wait, I fold. Ok, now I call

When you’re sitting with pocket queens and the flop brings an ace and a huge bet from your opponent, you’d be right to hesitate with your call – but not the way Filippo Candio did in our next wtf moment. Hand out with chips to call, then withdrawing it and folding!

No, no, no says the table and the TD – you have to call. Fair enough says Candio, who probably wasn’t angle-shooting, but when the river bricked and his opponent Cheong bet 2million+ chips…. you fold right? I mean, you wanted to anyway, right?

Not young Candio, thoroughly confused by matters and spewing an extra couple of mill and leaving us all shaking our heads in bewilderment!

I thought you had pocket kings

For the best-ever moment of extreme embarrassment and complete what-the-fuckery, we have to go to Jennifer Tilly – the busty film actress who will never fully be allowed to forget her worst-ever poker moment.

When Tilly hit her full house on the river, chances are most people would bet for value when it was checked to them. Not our Jenny, who left the entire table (and 99% of the internet) stunned when she checked back, turning over pocket jacks.

“You have a full house?! I can’t beat that!” laughed Antonius, as Ivey, Harman and a who’s-who of the ‘poker legends committee’ stared slack-jawed at Tilly.

“I thought you had pocket kings,” she laughed nervously, putting Antonius exactly on… rivered quads? Well, what the fuck indeed!!?

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