Top 3 Poker Videos of 2019

1 year ago
Top 3 Poker Videos of 2019
24 Dec

Poker stories get better every year. Throughout 2019, we have stumbled upon a lot of controversy and major incidents. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular videos from the year.

The Pros and Cons of being a Pro Poker Player

Amateurs and newbies often wonder how much they can make playing poker. At the start of the year, CNBC added a nice little insight into staking involvements and what it takes to be successful at the game:

Cheating in Poker

Mike Postle's cheating allegations are a topic you could not miss in 2019. The story was not observed lightly and no wonder it became Doug Polk’s most viewed video of the year.

Postle has been accused by many players for his ‘out of line’ plays and a lot of the top players have claimed they find his plays to be completely irrational and illogical. Twenty four poker players are together suing Postle, subsequent to his actions, in a $30 million lawsuit. His name has since been blackened within the poker community. 

WSOP Main Event Controversy

With $10 million for the win and only eleven left, major altercations began at the Main Event after the dealer made a mistake. Joey Ingram discussed the drama on his YouTube channel making it his most popular video this year.

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