Mike Postle Will Not Go To Jail Over Cheating Scandal

2 years ago
Mike Postle Will Not Go To Jail Over Cheating Scandal
16 Nov

The lawyer at the centre of the Mike Postle alleged cheating scandal took to the airwaves to discuss the case that has gripped the poker community, revealing that he now represents 76 players in the $30million lawsuit 

Mac Verstandig appeared on the Rake E007 podcast with well-known pros Jamie Kerstetter and Marle Cordeiro to chat about everything Postle-related.

That included another revelation, that a criminal investigation is most definitely underway into the StonesLive Poker scandal, Mike Postle accused of working with others to cheat his way to an estimated $250,000 haul.

Justice the American Way

The veteran attorney who has focused on representing poker players for some time now explained: “I could not arrest Mike Postle if I wanted to”, as the discussion touched on the 2plus2 forum and some of the more fanciful posts there.

“We are seeking justice in the most American of ways, which is an economic way,” said Verstandig, as he outlined the difference between civil and criminal law. “We are seeking to have Mr. Postle, Stones, Mr. Kuraitis, and John Does – whoever they may turn out to be – repay our clients for the money they lost at the tables…and punitive damages.”

With Cordeiro herself now among those seeking redress, the intriguing chat saw Verstandig reveal that both Matt Berkey and Danielle 'dmoongirl' Andersen will be among the expert witnesses called to give evidence if and when things go to trial.

Teaching poker to the jury

“I’m going to have to teach the jury to play poker” said Verstandig, joking that the jury, “will walk out of there with $20-$30,000 of really high-end poker coaching!”

Asking 12 men and women good and true to decide on poker questions won’t be easy, the lawyer explaining he’ll have to “Start with hand ranks” and move his way up through “reverse range analysis…potsizing and betting and fold equity.”

Subpoenaing phone records

Phone records are being subpoenaed to get to the bottom of what Verstandig calls a “spectacularly brazen” cheating scam. He adds that his legal team – which includes Kelly 'The_Illest' Minkin – have already discovered some ‘incredibly sexy goodies’ as they sift through the evidence.

A goddamn American hero

Verstandig describes the Postlegate whistleblower Veronica Brill as “a goddamn American hero” and adds that the work done by Joey Ingram, Matt Berkey and many others in the poker community has been an invaluable help to the case.

There were several amusing throwaway lines in the half-hour chat, with Verstandig telling his hosts:

“In days of yore, people didn’t come to my law office (I didn’t have one)…they took people out back and at high noon there was a rope drawn from a tree and that’s what happened to cheaters.”

Naturally there were things that Verstandig couldn’t – or wouldn’t – discuss, but it was a timely update on the biggest poker scandal of the decade so far.

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