Tyra Banks Stunned by America's Got Talent Card Trick

2 years ago
Tyra Banks Stunned by America's Got Talent Card Trick
31 May

Impressing a supermodel can’t be an easy job, but an America's Got Talent magician managed it in spades – literally – by performing a series of amazing card tricks which left Tyra Banks shocked and stunned, her chosen card the queen of spades reappearing all over the place, including imprinted on the magicians bare chest and encased in smoking glass!

The tweet from one of Banks fellow supermodel friends, Heidi Klum, shows a talent which even Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari would be hard put to match, the $multi-million winning pro taking his nickname from his earlier career as a stage magician before poker got its claws into him… although he is still able to perform a decent trick or two himself…

The America’s Got Talent magician is actually an already-renowned illusionist Shin Lim who has fooled Penn and Teller and has his own magic-base website where he is described as "The #1 Sleight of Hand Artist in the World"

…and his AGT appearance is apparently looked forward to by someone called Naomi, though not the supermodel of the same name, Naomi Campbell

One poker player in the news recently who also has previous with card tricks is Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson, the Full Tilt Poker man somehow cutting fruit by throwing cards at them as this old clip shows…

…although this week he has had his head in the stocks on Twitter and is more likely to have fruit thrown AT him these days.

In any event, next time you have a supermodel waiting to be impressed, have a deck of cards to hand and a trick or two up your sleeve!

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