Viktor Blom Wins $490,163 In a Single Day And Is On a Legendary Heater

5 years ago
Viktor Blom Wins $490,163 In a Single Day And Is On a Legendary Heater
02 Aug


Viktor Blom was always something of a headline event – in fact, especially – before we knew his real name. As Isildur1 he came to the poker playing public’s attention in 2009 when it broke that he had been involved in all ten of the biggest online pots ever played at the time.

When he was finally outed as part of his PokerStars sponsorship deal in 2012 it was headline news, at least for Cardplayer. Since he’s been in the subject line of a fair few 2+2 discussion boards for his involvement in FTP and the endless heads up challenges he issued to people like Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey.

Swongs and Roundabouts

Now he seems to be back in the saddle playing $200/400 PLO and limit triple draw and Omaha eights-or-better at $1k/$2k limits. He’s been winning on the whole with the usual swings you expect at heads up. Before May his high point was about $362,000, with a low around -$48,000.

Then may turned into June and someone put his cards in the microwave. He was getting up comfortably over the seven figure mark, in the first two weeks of June, an achievement that only three players have managed at online cash this year so far. The other two players in the illustrious club only just scrape in with $1,027,844 (BERRI_SWEET) and $1,019,293 (Timofey Kuznetsov) respectively.

For comparison: at the other end of the scale Dani Sterns seems to be bottoming out the lists online with having dug a spectacular hole $777,373. No one yet seems to has passed the red ink seven figure line. Sterns is closely followed by Sami Kelpuro ($720,583) and Bill Perkins ($385,373) who seems comfortably liquid by comparison.

So Blom’s performance this year was looking pretty good. Then on Monday, the 24th of June 2017, Blom’s cards went supernova.

A Cool Half Million Heater in a Day

He started his day by playing about forty minutes of heads up $1,000/$2,000 triple draw against dontthnrmepls, a German online pro. At the end of that forty minutes he was up $155,300. That set the tone for the day.

After switching to fixed-limit Omaha eight-or-better, he played a little $200/$400 PLO and some $100/$200 ante PLO. Each time he played heads up, each match against different players. He finished the day with over 3,092 hands – some of which may be missing from the data set collected by HSDB – cashing in for roughly $490,163. Although HighStakesDB report that the real amount may be as high as $575,000 when the missed hands are taken into account.

That half-million dollar score set Blom up with about $1,855,177 profit for the year. And although while he has given up much of that days profit in the subsequent week, he remains top of the heap with winnings of $1,282,223 as at the time of writing.

You have to stress the date with Viktor Blom. You never know when he’s gonna tilt it all back off to some other nosebleed artist.

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