When Manz Met Las Vegas! The WSOP Trip in Full

4 years ago
When Manz Met Las Vegas! The WSOP Trip in Full
18 Jul

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There are a ton of vlogs out there this summer at the WSOP in Vegas, but there will be few if any that can match those of Pete ‘Manz’ Manzinelli, the self-styled gangster god of poker whose mix of great play, hilarious interviews and all-round comedy genius have made him a must-watch this past month.

I mean, how many vlogs get this kind of lead-in? ‘In Manz's final dispatch from the World Series of Poker, he talks to Joe Stapleton and Sarah Herring, shows his abs to a cashier at the cage (who is so awestruck that he tries to hand Manz back his $1100 buy-in) and tries to walk on water. Oh, he played the One Drop, too.’

Action up for Grabs

It’s a different world which Manz lives in for sure, and it started about 5 weeks ago when he hijacked someone’s boardroom (and wardrobe) to offer 25% of his World Series action to one lucky punter, the results of which can be seen here as he interviews the 3 finalists!

Pete Manzinelli has been around for a while now, and it’s well-known that he likes the finer things in life, so it was no surprise when we finally got to see his digs for the duration of the WSOP!

Manz’ Crib in Vegas!

We’ve probably all seen Daniel Negreanu’s WSOP camper van which he spends his summer-long bracelet campaign in, and it’s NICE, but it looks like trailer-park trash compared to our man Manzinelli’s Penthouse suite at the Rio!

Old masters paintings on the wall, 4-poster kingsize bed, gold taps and crystal chandeliers; Manz has the best room in the house during his own quest for World Series glory - and he isn’t shy about sharing it with viewers at home as this vlog shows…

Hitting the tables

If you’ve never been to Vegas for the World Series, following Manz as he starts his run at the $3k event will give you some idea of what to expect! As Manz fan Aaron Moore posted on YouTube:

"Sick of these other vlogs showing breakfast and workouts. I need to know what cocktail you recommend to start the morning and what to drink throughout the day, best vape spots, where to get laid on breaks please give us more insight."

All-in with DNegs!

It was probably the highlight of his entire WSOP… Daniel Negreanu’s that is… as he finally met the best poker vlogger in the world when Manz sat down to his left, deep in the $3K No Limit bracelet event.

It wasn’t to be Manz’s lucky day, however, getting busted for filming at the table and then going busto just short of the money bubble, in a painful hand that Manz picks apart at the end of this vlog…

So DNegs cashed but Manz didn’t – which seems a little unfair considering the exposure Manz offered him during the game, but to let off some steam Pete headed to an old haunt…

Manz Fans to the Fore

It’s back to his old stomping ground for beer, fans, poker and games involving the numbers 6 and 9 for Manz as he takes a break from his Rio rigours. “Giving back to the fans” only cost Manz $20 and a couple of bags of beers, but he’ll definitely have a few new subscribers on the back of his Manz Happy Hour at the Excalibur!

It’s been a thrilling ride for the Manz, mixing it with the stars and bringing his own brand of poker vlogging to the widest audience imaginable – and the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas might take a while to recover from his visit.

If comedy and satire along with your poker is what makes you tick, then Manz is the man for you!

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