Where Do You Stash Your $1million Poker Buy-in?

3 years ago
Where Do You Stash Your $1million Poker Buy-in?
18 Jul

It can probably only be listed under ‘1st World problems’, and unfortunately it’s unlikely to be something most readers (or your scribe for that matter) ever have to solve, but for Dominik NItsche it was a tricky dilemma – where do you keep the $1million worth of cash and chips for your Big One for One Drop buy-in?

Stuffing that amount of cash into a tiny casino box might seem like a very old-school thing to do – and coupled with Fedor Holz not seeming to know who he should give his own $million to a few days back might have people thinking ‘what planet do these guys live on?’

With a career best cash of somewhere around £1000, I’m certainly not an expert on the subject of high rollers and their wallets, but suffice to say if I had a $million to start with, it wouldn’t be in cold, hard cash – or $5k casino chips either – but that world is something apart from the normal poker players experience.

Nitsche and his ilk need to have huge sums on hand to play the biggest games – and we’ve all seen the Ivey’s, Dwan’s and Hansen’s of this world wandering in and slamming huge bricks of cash down on the table.

For Nitsche, however, the massive buy-in event to close out this summer’s Vegas World Series of Poker festival posed a particular problem as you can see above.

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