Will Kassouf Shares Memory of Being in a Rigged Private Game

2 years ago
Will Kassouf Shares Memory of Being in a Rigged Private Game
16 Mar

Will Kassouf recently shared a strange memory from his career on his Facebook page - the time he tricked his friend into taking part in a rigged private game for the BBC show The Real Hustle.

Kassouf, one of the most notorious trash talkers in poker has been accused of trickery at the table before - during the 2016 WSOP Main Event many argued that the table talk he laid on Stacy Matuson - which ultimately made Kassouf’s famous “nine-high like a boss” bluff go through - was actually against the rules. Kassouf was penalized for what he did then, unlike for the “prank” he pulled on his friend years ago.

Back in 2011, the BBC show exploring the art of scams, The Real Hustle reached out to the British poker pro to convince his friend to play in a rigged private game.

The premise of the episode was that Kassouf’s friend, referred to as “the Mark” is approached by a supposed poker journalist - played by sports presenter Colin Murray - who is working on an exposé piece on how the deal is manipulated in rigged games. Murray and one of the cast members of the show, R. Paul Wilson, who proved himself to be an excellent card mechanic during the scam, promise to refund the players and let Kassouf’s friend keep his winnings if he agrees to take part - in exchange, all he has to do is play along and wait till it’s Paul’s turn to deal, when he is guaranteed to wake up with a big hand.

“The Mark” gets his pocket Kings and AK suited from Paul, but alas both times everyone folds to his pre-flop raise so he picks up nothing but the blinds. During a break the scammers, including Kassouf, consult and decide on the next course of action, the “Double Duke” - this time around Paul is going to deal out a strong hand to one of the players, while giving “the Mark” an even stronger one.

However, the show’s producers made sure to end the episode with a twist - it’s actually “the Mark” who gets “Double Duked”, his quad Aces “magically” manage to run into a straight flush.

Although the show aired years ago, both The Real Hustle and Will Kassouf just shared it on their Facebook - based on the comments he left, one can tell Kassouf enjoyed the unique experience he had. Although we see none of Kassouf’s signature table talk in the video, it’s still very entertaining to watch and it’s also a real good lesson on how scammers operate in the dreaded rigged private games.

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