WSOP Pants Dropper Indicted for Terrorism

4 months ago
WSOP Pants Dropper Indicted for Terrorism
05 Sep

A participant in this year’s World Series of Poker Main Event who hit the headlines for dropping his pants during play has been indicted on terrorism charges in the US. Ken Strauss appeared to be inebriated during play and took off one of his shoes and threw it at the dealer, followed by dropping his pants in front of shocked onlookers.

Strauss might have thought his troubles were over when he was removed from the tournament and later arrested for mooning on a craps table at the Luxor Casino, but sadly, for him at least, he was wrong. Following a series of alarming posts on social media he has now been arrested and later released on $20,000 bond

The posts related to Las Vegas shootings and “serious life news”. In a time where feelings are still extremely raw after the terrible tragedy in 2017 the authorities were in no mood to take this provocation lightly and quickly swooped on Strauss’s address. Strauss even had the gaul to tag the President of the United States in his tweets.

In a second hearing on August 29th Judge Linda Bell properly indicted Strauss on charges of threatening terrorism and also upped his bail bond to $150,000. We will know more when he reappears on September 5th.

The poker community has seen more than its fair share of oddballs over the years, but we might finally have seen the worst case yet.

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