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Andrew from Edinburgh, Scotland, is a professional journalist, international-titled chess master, and avid poker player.

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Mike 'The Mouth' Matusow Called out for $50k WSOP Profit Bet

Matusow has hit the headlines again with a WSOP offer to bet up to $50k that he will profit by at least $50k over the course of this year’s WSOP

Japanese Man Gambles Away Town’s $358,000 COVID Relief Funds

It’s a scenario that we have probably all considered – what would we do if we were mistakenly sent a fortune?

Business & Industry, 7 months ago

Lawsuit Claims Disgraced Casino Mogul Steve Wynn Acted as Chinese Agent

Casino mogul Steve Wynn has been accused of acting as an agent for China in an extra-judicial extradition attempt

Eugene Katchalov Pledges WSOP Winnings to Help Ukraine After Fleeing Warzone

Katchalov will return to the felt at this summer’s WSOP with a pledge to donate a share of his winnings to charities aiding his war-stricken homeland

Former Poker Pro Todd Terry Passes Away Aged 48

Todd Terry, one of the most respected pros and online forum voices from the height of the poker boom, passed away this week aged 48

PokerPaint Copyright Thief Brett Butz Called Out as WSOP Beckons

The man behind serial copyright theft of poker’s best-known photographers’ work has been called out yet again

Natalie Hof Ramos Reveals Horror EPT Rape Incident

A recent Twitter thread on why more women don’t get involved in poker highlighted some horrendous incidents

Rap Star “Casanova” Facing 60 Years in Prison after Gambling Dispute Shooting

Rapper “Casanova” has admitted shooting a man over a gambling debt

Daniel Negreanu Reveals All about Cheating, Hellmuth and GOATs with Doug Polk

They were once the bitterest of enemies, but you’d be hard pushed to guess that from Daniel Negreanu’s latest appearance on Doug Polk’s podcast

Fist Fight at Hustler Casino Ends with Poker Player Tased by Security

Just another day at the Hustler Casino in Gardena, California

Phil Hellmuth Savaged for Angleshooting Newbies on Hustler Casino Live

Phil Hellmuth is facing the full wrath of poker Twitter after apparently angleshooting a poker newcomer on the Hustler Casino Live show

WSOP Circuit Ring Winner Mohammad “Moe” Moeini Shot Dead in Mississippi Murder Spree

Moeini was among five people killed in a mass murder in Biloxi, Mississippi last week, the suspected murderer also dying after a police standoff

Police bust €5million Mafia Gambling Ring in Italy

A Mafia-run illegal gambling ring that made more than $5million in just 2 years has been busted in the south of Italy

Phil Hellmuth in New Foul-Mouthed Meltdown Against Abusive Opponent

Phil Hellmuth got a taste of his own medicine and the legendary “Poker Brat” really didn’t like it

Business & Industry, 9 months ago

UKGC Under Siege as Billionaire Porn Baron Joins National Lottery Legal Action

The UKGC have come under fire for their decision to award the National Lottery to a Czech company