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Malcolm comes from Consett in the North East of England and is an avid poker player and writer.

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Promos, 3 years ago

Casino Evolution: How to Bring In the Next Generation

Whilst devastating for our social skills, something we could write about at length also, the new generation of “gamified” users exist at home and this causes a dramatic reduction in the footfall for traditional casinos.

World's Weirdest Poker Novelties

You might never buy them, but let’s take a lighthearted stroll through the far reaches of the internet to see some items you can buy, mock, or avoid in the poker market. It’s your choice.

Body Language that Will Improve Your Bluff

Your body language is just one of a number of things that must align in order for your bluff to work and in this article we are going to look at some ways you can ensure you do not blow your bluff.

Over 400 Cashes and You've Never Heard of Him!

A poker player who has played live poker for over 40 years and has won two World Series of Poker bracelets. Only two people have more live tournament cashes than him and he had over 400 cashes in his poker career.

Shane Warne Suffers One of the Worst Bad Beats Ever

Cricket star Shane Warne busted out of the Main Event this year after suffering two successive beats that eroded his stack and saw his $10,000 buy-in go up the swanny.

Live Poker Events, 3 years ago

Man Pays $10k to Enter Women's WSOP Event

​Nevada gaming law does not allow men to be completely excluded from playing in the WSOP Ladies only event, even if the tournament organizers hope only women enter it.

Online Poker , 3 years ago

Top 3 Android/iOS Poker Sites

​It’s time to give props to three poker rooms that are making mobile poker a reality and a pleasure. It is no longer viable for poker sites to be “desktop only” as they must move with the times. As internet users we want to be free from our computers.

Football Player Robbed and Beaten at Poker Game

Young cornerback Corey Tindal was the victim of an armed robbery this week as he participated in a poker game in Huntington, West Virginia at the Super 8 Motel.

Promos, 3 years ago

Stan James Blows it Out of the Water With New Twist on Sit & Go

Stan James' Fish Poker is definitely worth checking out if you like turbo SnGs

Make The Most of Your Bankroll on a Poker Road Trip

In this article we will look at how to divvy up your bankroll before heading to a big tournament or poker festival to ensure you get the best bang for your poker bucks.

Online Poker , 3 years ago

Luke Schwartz Binks the Sunday Million

This week 4,820 players bought in directly or won a satellite to get a seat, creating a prize pool of $1.2 million after 1,210 re-bought after busting their initial stacks. This led to 900 players cashing. The initial first prize before the chop was a tasty $182,432.60.

How to Manage the Bizarre Lifestyle of Professional Poker

​There are few poker enthusiasts that have not cast a glance towards the huge pile of cash that greets the winner of the WSOP Main Event and other big poker tournaments and let their minds wander towards what such a win would mean for them.

Worst Dealer Mistakes

In the heat of the moment anyone can make a mistake. In this article we will focus on poker dealers and look at some of the common errors you will encounter as well as some anecdotal examples where the dealer became the story.

UK Gambling Addict Jailed After Stealing £1.7 Million From Employer

A 52 year-old woman from the UK has been handed a four year jail sentence after stealing £1.7 million ($2.2 million) from her employer over a five year period between 2011 and 2016.

Infamous Tony G Hilariously Applies to Run UKIP

Tony G notes that there has been a rapid unravelling of the leave argument since the referendum result was declared on June 24th