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Mark from Stamford in the UK is a professional cash game player, and part time journalist. A massive chess fan and perpetual traveller.

He also produces strategy content for our sister wesbite

Articles by Mark Patrickson

Red Rock Casino Angrily Cancels Bad Beat Jackpot

The much maligned Red Rock Casino has cancelled the Bad Beat Jackpot which turned out to be a PR disaster.

Viffer Kicks Off in Tournament Guarantee Scam Fallout

What started off as somebody pointing out a factual inaccuracy on Twitter has led to one of the biggest social media storms of the year.

Poker’s Richest Players and Their Baller Pets

Why do the best poker players around always seem to be spending their free time with “man’s best friend”?

Online Poker , 1 year ago

Brian Hastings Blasts ACR Over Yet Another Failure!

Retired high-stakes crusher Brian Hastings is the latest big name in poker to slam Americas Card Room for their appalling customer service.

Andrew Neeme Blasts Life Balance Concept for Ambitious Poker Players

Andrew Neeme gave his followers a different sort of glimpse into his mind by doing an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) on Reddit.

Epic Documentary Starring Poker Legend Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom

High-stakes PLO crusher JNandez has produced a short documentary on the most exciting poker player on the planet: Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom!

Fedor Holz Claims He Didn’t Sacrifice His Life to Be a High-Stakes Crusher

German high-stakes crusher Fedor Holz has done an “Ask Me Anything” on Facebook Live after people kept on asking him to do so.

Which Poker Pro Drives the Meanest Machine?

Let’s take a look at some of the dream machines that poker players have been driving in recent years.

Best Karma Moments From The Poker Table

That age old saying of “what you put out comes back to you” is seemingly a truth at a poker table. Here's a collection of some of the best karma moments from the green felt.

Online Poker , 3 years ago

iPoker Network Quietly Begins to Rake Rebuys

It wasn't until the iPoker Network changes were in full swing that some players discovered that the rake policy had been changed.

NutsBet ‐ A Training Calculator for Chinese Poker

Whether or not we are first to act or can see our opponents layout, NutsBet will almost instantly compute many thousands of calculations and display the mathematically best choice we can make from the first five cards.

Is Online Poker Coming to California?

In what looks like a significant breakthrough for US based poker players, this Wednesday saw the successful passage of a political bill through the Assembly Governmental Organisation Committee in California.

Jason Mo is Mad at The Poker Media

Jason Mo has been venting his frustrations on Joey Ingram's Poker Life Podcast. Mo was less than impressed with the recent news piece written by Phil Galfond accusing Las Vegas cash game regular Sammy Touil of scamming him.

Tartanian 8 Creator Thinks Bots Will Beat Pros Within Three Years

There has been quite a stir about the possibility that we are in sight of crossing the point where computers can beat the very best human players in a game of heads up No Limit Holdem.

Jeremy Johnson, Black Friday Defendant, Faces Up To 30 Years In Jail

In what must have been one of the biggest ever trials of its kind, Johnson found himself accused of crimes such as money laundering, wire fraud, bank fraud, and conspiracy.