A Day in The Life of A High Roller with Bill Perkins

2 years ago
A Day in The Life of A High Roller with Bill Perkins
28 Feb

If you’ve ever wondered what the billionaire baller lifestyle felt like, you could do worse than tag along with high-rolling poker amateur Bill Perkins for 24 hours - and that’s exactly what Unilad’s Joel ‘Bamalam’ Watts did recently in the Bahamas in a humorous take on the hedge-fund, poker-loving’s daily routine.

A shopping spree which sees Watts sporting a suit costing a month’s salary? Pocket change to Perkins whose love of prop bets with the stars of the poker world regularly hit 6-figures. Fine dining? Again a daily occurrence for the venture capitalist who admittedly puts philanthropy right up there with funding his own lavish adventures.  

In a bid to explain the different levels of poker skill to the young English reporter, Perkins has the advantage of a Bahamian-paradise aquatic centre on hand – fish and sharks aplenty – but that’s only after the ‘hair-bear-bunch’ lookalike has availed himself of Perkin’s luxury villa for a long soak in the billionaire’s bathtub!

Perkins, of course, is one of those megarich men who live life for fun and doesn’t mind sharing it, last year taking his favourite streamers and a few other lucky poker fans to the Virgin Islands on the Streamboat2

…although plans to stream the likes of Jaime Staples’ and Jeff GrossWCOOP festival grinds were upended by the arrival of the devastating category 5 Hurricane Irma.

There were no such problems back at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure last month, Unilad’s Watt making the most of his day in the life of a billionaire, although he couldn’t quite persuade Perkins to adopt him while aboard his private jet…

…and it will be back to the reporting grind for Watts and likely another poker or prop bet adventure for Perkins, with his high stakes poker friends surely a bit nervous about his recent tweet and what it might men for them…

Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari in particular fearing the worst after his prop bet lunge and urination disqualification!

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