Alec Torelli Week on Live at the Bike Has Poker Fans Upset

9 months ago
Alec Torelli Week on Live at the Bike Has Poker Fans Upset
24 Feb

The decision by Live at the Bike to host an ‘Alec Torelli Week’ has been met with a mixture of scorn and disbelief by fans of the game who have yet to forgive the cash game pro for his blatant angle-shooting antics last year on another televised poker game, Poker Night in America.

Torelli’s reputation took a huge blow when he was accused of hiding a pair of $5k chips behind the rest of his stack, catching Daniel Wolf out for an extra 100BB when he shoved unaware of Torelli’s true stack size – a matter compounded by Torelli allegedly ‘going north’ shortly prior to the hand by allegedly sneaking an extra $5K chip onto the table.

Torelli has had a few fans pleading in his defence since the announcement of his Live at the Bike appearance…

…but it wasn’t just Doug Polk’s viral video which had Torelli in the doghouse for his actions, but rather one man’s excellent dissection of Torelli’s very late response to the whole incident…

…and there was also Daniel ‘Clarence’ Wolf’s own rap revenge for being taken to the cleaners in such a dastardly fashion.

The 2+2 forum has a 66-page thread devoted to the ‘Alec Torelli Caught Angleshooting’ issue, although for some reason they’ve been a bit slow to update it with the Live at the Bike news this week.

It will be interesting to see how long the ‘campaign’ against Torelli continues, many feeling that had Torelli ‘owned’ the issue from the very beginning and admitted his wrongdoing he wouldn’t be facing such a barrage of criticism and abuse now.

Torelli week on Live at the Bike is scheduled from March 20th to 23rd where he will compete in a series of cash games, the livestreamed show coming from the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles.

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