Andre Filipe Moreira Marques takes down €1100 8-max at Irish Open for €22,060

8 months ago
Andre Filipe Moreira Marques takes down €1100 8-max at Irish Open for €22,060
23 Apr

Andre Filipe Moreira Marques may have produced a few headaches for the Irish Open trophy engravers, the quadruple-barrel-named Portuguese player taking down the €1,100 8-Max Championship in Dublin for €22,060

The CityWest Hotel was a very busy place this weekend as the partypoker-sponsored festival drew to a close, and the third highest buy-in of the week - only the Main Event and High Roller events costing more to play - drew in 62 entries.

Canadians, Germans, English and the local Irish of course were among the deep runners chasing the five-figure top prizes, and with only seven places paid it produced some very tough battles along the way.

Eventually it came down to Marques against Englishman Gardner for the title, and when the heads-up fight went the former’s way it left Gardner with an excellent €12,695 memory from his Irish visit, while Marques will be celebrating his €22,060 win for sure.

FInal results

1Andre Filipe Moreira Marques
2Anthony Gardner
3Fraser Macintyre
4Nicola Basile
5Ralf Schwaneberg
6Nicholas Pupillo
7Aidan Hynes

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