Angle Shooter Alec Torelli Does It Again?

5 years ago
Angle Shooter Alec Torelli Does It Again?
26 Mar

The popular online poker show decided to invite back a controversial figure on their stream - Alec Torelli, who’s still haunted by his alleged angle shooting case, played at Live at the Bike last week.

Live at the Bike tweeted out this piece of news about their upcoming line-up of their high stakes cash game and the response has not been positive. The tweet got 17 likes and 14 comments, the majority of which raised their objections to having Torelli back, playing poker in front of the cameras again.

The animosity towards the 31-year-old California pro originates from June last year when Doug Polk made a video about a dubious incident that went down between Torelli and Daniel Wolf on an episode of Poker Night in America. Torelli 3-bet Jennifer Tilly’s open with AQ off, then Wolf decided to move 4-bet all-in after just flatting the initial raise with A10 off - right after that, however, he noticed Torelli’s two $5K chips behind the rest of his stack. After some discussion and the involvement of the floor, the two players agreed that Wolf’s bet stands, Torelli called and won the pot.

In his video Polk was never claiming with certainty that Torelli was maliciously angle shooting his opponent, but his audience made up their minds - all of the videos on Torelli’s channel were massively downvoted and he was constantly reminded of his misdeed in his comment section. The situation has been somewhat subdued after he changed his channel name from “Alec Torelli” to “CoinciousPoker”, the name of his new poker coaching site.

So far nor Doug Polk, nor Daniel Wolf responded to Torelli’s new spot on Live at Bike. Polk’s got a reason to stay quiet on the subject; he’s been criticized recently a lot for stirring up drama for views, in turn he made a video where he claimed he’s going to change his tone to broadcast more positivity. Wolf also seems to have let go of the matter by now - when The Bike first posted about having Torelli on back in February, he retweeted their announcement without commentary, but he completely ignored them this time.

Joe Ingram, however, is welcoming him on his talk show Out of Line on Monday - the angle shooting case will surely be covered.

Torelli played three profitable cash game sessions on Live at the Bike, two $5/$5/$10 and one high stakes, $25/$50/$100 matches - the last one with the biggest blinds was actually played on Torelli’s birthday, March 24th.

He also so showed commendable courage and invited live texts and phone calls during the stream despite the constant flow of online criticism directed towards him.

As one could expect, the first response to this tweet is about hiding big denomination chips behind small ones...

Nonetheless, Torelli claims to have enjoyed the experience.

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