CoinPoker: All Set For Initial Coin Offering

2 years ago
CoinPoker: All Set For Initial Coin Offering
16 Jan

The day of reckoning has almost arrived for CoinPoker, with the crypto-currency poker room all set to launch its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) at 10am GMT on January 19th, with the team behind the project hoping to replicate the success of the pre-sale which sold out in record time.

PokerTube have been following the crypto-poker market carefully this past year or so, many in the industry seeing the future of the game lying in the use of blockchain technology and crypto-currencies – the main factors being the transparent, secure, and accessible platform which the online game has long been in need of.

Before having a look at what CoinPoker have already achieved, let’s quickly spell out what investors and players can expect from the upcoming ICO – which for those who haven’t been keeping track of such things is, simply put, an investment opportunity in an already up-and-running online crypto-poker site, with the early birds getting the best deals – and everyone else looking to be part of a successful venture.

How is the ICO run?

January 5th saw the Whitelist registrations open up with reports of booming submissions, although you theoretically still have until 4 p.m. GMT on the 15th of January to get in on the early buyers list… but it’s going fast!

The CoinPoker currency – ChiPs or CHP – is currently sitting at 4,200 CHP for 1 ETH for Stage1 buyers, with the Stage II price set at 3,500 CHP for 1 ETH. Ethereum, or ETH, is a cryptocurrency in the same vein as Bitcoin, much in the news recently.

The plan is to close the CoinPoker ICO on January 26th or when it’s sold out – whichever comes first – although with the pre-sale 12 day period in November shortened to only 6 days because of the huge demand, the clever money is on it selling out again in record time.

 Once the ICO is done, CoinPoker have promised some ‘massive opening tournaments’ which will see 15% of the tokens collected up for grabs, much as the site did with its pre-sale offer.

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What have CoinPoker achieved so far?

The promotional campaigns following the pre-sale saw some 5,000,000 CHP given out in prizefunds, 48 tournaments per day ran and on top of this there was the festive Ethereum tournaments with crypto-currency prizes.

Not content with that, CoinPoker also put up a Tesla car as top prize in the run-up to the ICO – satellite feeders running to the Main Event which will be held on the 21st January.

The Numbers Game

The health of poker in general and new ventures in particular lives and dies by the numbers it attracts, so what do CoinPoker’s show?

  • 20,000+ MVP downloads;
  • 30,000+ unique registrations;
  • 15,000 token holders before the ICO has even started;
  • 4,000+ unique daily players already on the site

Pretty impressive stuff to say the least and the work going on in the background deserves a mention, CoinPoker running a stress test this past couple of months and improving the stability of the app, fixing any bugs along the way.

A Secure Community

With its underlying ‘community’ ethos, players have also had their say – functionality added and the important ICO prices retained as per the community’s wishes, with a nice bonus which will even see players’ table skin designs on the app.

The big selling point of many crypto-sites is the security, and for poker sites this is a must – CoinPoker’s Head of Security producing monthly articles to raise awareness and multi-accounting already being dealt with.

OK, the proof of the pudding is in the eating according to the old adage, so January 19th looks set to be a feast of epic proportions – the most talked about crypto-poker ICO having a lot to live up to, and PokerTube will report back with all the details.

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