Dan Bilzerian Sick and Tired of #MeToo Movement

11 months ago
Dan Bilzerian Sick and Tired of #MeToo Movement
08 Feb

A recent tweet by Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian let his hordes of social media followers know his true feelings about the #MeToo movement that has given a voice to victims of sexual abuse and harassment.

Not surprising in the least to those familiar with Bilzerian's lavish lifestyle that features girls and guns and that he proudly showcases on Twitter and Instagram for all the world to see, the trust fund millionaire is seemingly fed up with the entire #MeToo revolution that has gained momentum worldwide. Bilzerian posted the following tweet late last month:

Also not surprising are some of the replies the self-professed poker pro received from haters and critics, of whom there are many. A number of responses to Dan's tweet suggested that he may be next in line to be accused of inappropriate sexual behavior toward women.

To be fair, not everyone shared those sentiments, including women who completely agree with Bilzerian that #MeToo has gone a bit too far.

Still more social media followers were quick to point out the violence toward women that Bilzerian has alleged to have perpetrated in the past. Tossing a female model off of a roof and kicking another woman during a disturbance in a Florida nightclub were two such allegations that made headlines.

Yet another tweeter took a look at Bilzerian's Wikipedia page that described in the first sentence that Dan has shown a propensity toward displaying violence toward women.

#MeToo and the power it has given to those who have been victims of unwanted sexual advances and abuse shows no signs of dying anytime soon. Nor should it. But one particular reply to Bilzerian's original tweet did make a lot of sense with regard to allegations from some victims perhaps being unfounded.

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