Dancing on Ice with Phil ‘Sportsman of the Decade’ Hellmuth

3 years ago
Dancing on Ice with Phil ‘Sportsman of the Decade’ Hellmuth
22 Mar

You can probably all think of a few slippery characters from among the world’s elite poker players over the years, but you probably wouldn’t be picturing Phil Helmuth ‘dancing on ice’. The 14-time WSOP bracelet winner, however, turns out to be something of a sensation when the skates are on!  

The closest ‘big Phil’ usually gets to doing sports of any kind these days is when he’s mixing with the stars of the golf world like Tiger Woods

…or the occasional prop bet basketball match, such as the $10k 3-point challenge last year against Doug Polk

…but it wasn’t always the case, a leaner and meaner Hellmuth taking on a, let’s face it, less than impressive physical specimen in Tony G at WPT Malta in 2012 – a triathlon consisting of swimming, basketball and running

Phil’s ice skating may not have deteriorated over the years, but hopefully his 3-point skills have improved… but to be fair, Tony G does sponsor a major basketball team in his homeland and has probably learned a thing or two along the way!

To give Hellmuth his sporting due, his swimming was good enough to even the score against the Lithuanian poker guru-turned-politician

It all came down to the final event, a 6-lap running race which saw Hellmuth accompanied by a giant hot dog… although Tony G had just had cake and burgers for his pre-event warm-up! Who emerged victorious? Let’s just say that Phil should stick to the ice rink in future!

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