Daniel Negreanu Loses Player of the Year Title After Data Entry Error

1 year ago
Daniel Negreanu Loses Player of the Year Title After Data Entry Error
11 Nov

Daniel Negreanu’s victory in the WSOP Player of the Year race was overturned after the shock discovery of a miscount in one of the Vegas summer events – the title now going to Robert Campbell after the ‘data entry’ error was rectified


Last week’s ‘sweat’ in Rozvadov that saw Negreanu, Campbell and Shaun Deeb all chasing the title at the WSOPE ended with KidPoker being crowned Player of the Year when Deeb failed to score enough points in the final Colossus event.

What nobody had apparently realised - until Russian journalist Alex Elenskiy pointed it out – was that one event, the $1k WSOP.com online event in July, had results from another event added in by mistake

Negreanu was quick to accept the reversal that saw him bumped down to third spot behind Campbell and Deeb, releasing a blog entitled ‘The WSOP POY Oopsie’.

DNegs described the foul-up as ‘an unfortunate situation’, adding: ‘but mistakes happen and life goes on'.

‘I’m genuinely happy for Robert Campbell because I know how much it meant to him and I also feel he was deserving, having won two bracelets this year. He is also a nice guy which helps.’

Others, however, were quick to accuse Negreanu of being aware of the mix-up well before it was pointed out, Shaun Deeb and Doug Polk chief among them.

Deeb even went as far as accusing Negreanu of trying to cheat, tweeting out in his usual almost unreadable script:

‘He was tracking ever poy point and cash ever vlog how would he not notice something that off…’

Joe Ingram, instrumental in the Mike Postle cheating allegations being so widely discussed and investigated, also had Deeb on the phone last night during an impromptu podcast, discussing the possibility of Negreanu doing something underhand.

As for Polk, the former online legend tweeted:

‘There is a serious chance Daniel knew he was benefiting from the POY error and didn’t say anything.’

Another tweet stated:

‘You try to win it every year. You film every event. You sidebet who will do better over a summer in the fantasy draft etc.... And you don’t check your own points? Doesnt add up imo.’

partypoker Team online pro Jaime Staples was among those jumping to Negreanu’s defence:

‘Of course guys! When there is a mistake in the points it's @RealKidPoker’s fault!'

Staples continued:

‘Not Shaun Deeb who missed it, or Robert Cambell who missed it, or the WSOP who missed it, or literally everyone except one guy on twitter 5 days later who missed it, its Dnegs fault! #smh #wsop’.

He also tweeted out against Polk and Deeb, both of whom have a long history of anti-Negreanu sentiment, with several Twitter spats dominating the past few years.

As for Robert Campbell, the ‘new’ new WSOP Player of the Year, he had this to say:

‘I just want to say thank you to everyone for their overwhelming support! Wow. What an insane 12hours.' He added: ‘I for one completely refute the idea @RealKidPoker knew. I know he has his detractors but he loves poker too much to do something like this.’

Regardless, this story will likely rumble on for some time yet.

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