Daniel Negreanu Breaks Doug Polks Heart After Twitter Block!!!

3 years ago
Daniel Negreanu Breaks Doug Polks Heart After Twitter Block!!!
12 Apr

All great relationships come to an end, whether it’s through growing apart, wrongdoing from or the other, or even death. For Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu, only the latter has thankfully been avoided – but when Negreanu blocked Polk from Twitter last week, the great love affair between two of the game’s brightest lights ended acrimoniously, and Polk has finally responded with a video explaining how Daniel broke his heart.

Negreanu’s patience with his petty-but-lovable high-stakes partner Polk finally ran out, the Canadian blocking Polk for one transgression too many – the ‘more rake is better’ pronouncement from Dnegs at the core of the numerous bust-ups which plagued the pair.

Polk, as seen in the short tweeted clip above, responded to the shunning by detailing the long list of wrongs Daniel had inflicted on him: the rake increase (which Polk wore on his t-shirt during the SHRB much to Daniel’s embarrassment), the Canadian taking up a disabled parking spot, the video of Negreanu frolicking with a blonde, and the infamous ‘blackface Jamaican’ routine which shocked the entire poker community.

In the face of such public humiliation, and the Twitter block, Polk has finally accepted the fact that if it’s not meant to be, you just have to let go, his video being evidence that he may finally be moving on from the long and disastrous relationship.

Polk’s ex, Chicago Joey Ingram, was quick to jump in and defend his former poker bedfellow, aiming a nasty barb at the Canadian…

…but the strain of one break-up too many is clear to see on Polk’s face, although ‘crypto’ rather than ‘Negreanu’ is the official line being given for the radical ageing he has suffered…

Daniel Negreanu has so far remained silent on the break-up, but a few cryptic tweets may well give a clue as to the real reason for blocking ‘possessive’ Polk from his life…

…with some theorizing that another tweet was actually a veiled reference to ‘domestic abuse’

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