Top 5 Hands Mike Postle Allegedly Cheated On Stones Live Cash Game

2 years ago
Top 5 Hands Mike Postle Allegedly Cheated On Stones Live Cash Game
28 Oct

Like kids in a candy store isn’t a phrase you’d often associate with poker, but for those following the Postlegate cheating scandal, that must be exactly how they feel sifting through the streamed hands for evidence of wrongdoing…

Mike Postle has been accused of cheating in a streamed cash game at Stones Gambling House, and although the early-Halloween treats of dubious plays, incredible soul-reads and phenomenal bets and laydowns are many, the ongoing investigation hasn’t yet discovered just how edible they are.

We’ve narrowed down our trick-or-treat to five hands, experts dissecting them to see if the allegations against Postle are as worthy as they first appear…

Two cards good, four cards bad?

Those who believe Postle to be cheating – and that’s about 99% of the poker community – think he’s doing it by receiving the hole cards of his opponents in real time.

As Doug Polk points out, however, when you change Postle’s main game of No Limit Hold’em to PLO, things can easily fall apart!

Double Big Slick all-in call has Boski befuddled

One of the most damning hands according to, well, just about everybody is the infamous double all-in that Postle called off with just 5/4 offsuit.

Jeff 'Boski' Sluzinski, who played against Postle on StonesLive Poker and is part of the lawsuit launched aginst Postle, Stones and others, is as confounded as the rest of us at this play.

Little has little trouble spotting the perfect bluff

For someone who supposedly has a decent poker background, Postle sure does make a lot of strange – or to be honest, just plain bad – plays.

Jonathan Little focused on two unusually lucrative donk bluffs by Postle, and winning money at the poker table never looked so easy!

Froehli freely shares his Postle probability theory!

Although the community investigation into Postle’s incredible winrates has seen many amateurs involved, when dissecting the hands it’s naturally useful to focus on what the very good winning pros think.

Andreas Froheli certainly belongs to that gang and was among the first to delve deeply into the analysis - believing Postle to be 99.999% guilty based on his play.

Sounds of Silence

Of course, not everyone is convinced of Postle’s guilt, preferring to allow the civil, and Postleably criminal, investigations to come to a conclusion. In the meantime, we’ve added below some hand analysis from pros arguing in Mike’s favour

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