Daniel Negreanu Needs to Shut Up About PokerStars Rake Changes

2 years ago
Daniel Negreanu Needs to Shut Up About PokerStars Rake Changes
28 Mar

If Daniel Negreanu thought he was going to have a lovely day promoting a new and exciting product, then he was sadly mistaken – his cryptic tweet running into a hailstorm of comments regarding the recent rake hike his bosses at PokerStars introduced.

You can sense the excitement from Daniel every time he has something new on the go, but his bubble was burst almost immediately as one less-than-enthusiastic follower jumped down his throat…

…and he was followed by podcaster Joe ‘Chicago Joey’ Ingram who leaped in with a suggestion of his own…

Dnegs, of course, has defended his paymasters several times publicly over the past couple of years, and can’t see what the fuss is all about when people bring up the extra % that players have to fork out in rake…

…but he has been a fairly lonely figure on the increased rake is good for the game side of the debate, and his harshest critic, Doug Polk, wasn’t slow in launching yet another vitriolic attack on his arch-enemy

For many players it’s not even the rake hike itself which is the main problem, but rather that Stars have once again ‘hidden’ the increase from public view

…and a quick rat-a-tat-tat of five tweets from Ron Mexico had Negreanu running for cover…


He did have one defender along the way, however, a ‘rec poker player’ who pointed out that Daniel is caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to his $multi-million PokerStars contract…

…but others certainly didn’t hold back when it came to giving the all-time tournament money-winning Canadian a piece of their poker mind…

So, whatever Daniel Negreanu thought, or hoped, he was going to talk about on Twitter has been lost again in a shitstorm of protest at how PokerStars are ‘playing the game’, and a simple ‘Economics 101’ just isn’t cutting it with the majority of poker players and fans.

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