Doug Polk Calls Daniel Negreanu ‘an Embarrassment to the Game'

3 years ago
Doug Polk Calls Daniel Negreanu ‘an Embarrassment to the Game'
11 Feb

Doug Polk launched a vitriolic verbal attack on Daniel Negreanu yesterday, calling the PokerStars pro “a massive hypocrite” and “an embarrassment to the game”, as well as describing him as “a little bitch” during a YouTube podcast with Joe ‘Chicago Joey’ Ingram.

Polk and Negreanu have previous going back a few years now, but this latest ‘assault’ by Polk was by far the most offensive yet, the Upswing Poker guru urging Negreanu:

“Dude, honestly, shut the fuck up!” explaining to viewers that, “he’s getting paid millions of $ to be a hypocrite and tell you why taking your money is good, and why he should take more of your money, and then trying also to be the good guy. YOU DON’T GET TO BE BOTH!”

Polk’s anger was tweaked by some recent tweets from Negreanu, saying “Actions speak larger than words” on the back of the likes of this…

and questioning the role of the poker media…

…in particular the fact that “The number one site for news, is owned by the largest pokersite”, referencing last year’s ‘revelation’ of the worst kept secret in the industry, although Joe Ingram explained that having spoken to journalists from PokerNews they ‘try their best’ to be unbiased.

Although almost 2 hours long and covering topics such as Ingram’s recent expose of cheating on ACR, it was almost a certainty that Polk’s attack on Negreanu would be the main talking point, and so it proved with Negreanu’s Twitter feed filling up with fans and detractors alike, Ingram himself trying to make sure that the Canadian heard the news

Polk’s ‘epic rant’ also included a near-the-knuckle’ description of how he felt when Negreanu released his infamous ‘PokerStars rake’ vlog

“I thought it was kind of beautiful – to see someone get on their knees and give PokerStars that real…full that degree! It was beautiful – he just gobbled it right up!” stated Polk, lowering the tone but likely raising the likelihood of an eventual tit-for-tat response from Negreanu – the poker fans again reaching for their popcorn…

Again it was a poker awards shortlist which had Polk annoyed, Negreanu apparently singling Polk out in not so many words with a discussion over the Biggest Influencers in the game, Polk responding in the podcast with:

“What the fuck is this backhanded bullshit? And why has he got to be such a little bitch?”

The full YouTube video is available with excellent timestamps courtesy of David Huber in the comments – just make sure there are no kids about to hear the bad language!

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