Fedor Holz Claims He Didn’t Sacrifice His Life to Be a High-Stakes Crusher

3 years ago
Fedor Holz Claims He Didn’t Sacrifice His Life to Be a High-Stakes Crusher
16 Mar

German high-stakes crusher Fedor Holz has done an “Ask Me Anything” on Facebook Live after people kept on asking him to do so. The 24-year-old retiree is still finding plenty of time in the limelight since he decided to focus his efforts on new ventures.

What Would You Like to Know?

Fedor Holz has been keeping himself busy away from the felt in recent months but he was more than happy to answer some questions for an hour. The first questions were kind of general and directed at what Holz did as an improving player to get where he is. The answers weren’t as exciting as people might have hoped and revolved around hand history reviews, training videos, and discussing strategy with his peers in Skype groups. Living a healthy life with plenty of exercise topped off his preparation, giving plenty of scope for quiet reflection on the biggest mistakes.

This was followed up by a question about how we find out which parts of our game need the most work. The answer, Holz said, was all about feel. As you play your sessions you should always be in tune with how you feel about your decisions. Another way is to always be talking to your poker friends to get an outside perspective.

Where is your favourite place to play poker, somebody asked? Holz was torn over this between the Aria Casino, Las Vegas and Macau. Ultimately deciding on the American resort in the end.

One interesting question was whether or not he felt he had sacrificed his life to some extent. The reply was confident. You simply can’t be a success at this game if you’re not loving what you are doing. This makes a lot of sense, and no doubt had a few observers questioning if they are involved in the right hobby, or not.

How did you blow your first million? Most of us watching were expecting at least some tales of degeneracy. Sadly, we were disappointed. Maybe this is exactly why this young man has so much money at the age of 24.

Is poker still profitable? This is the killer question that those on the verge of taking up the game want to know. Holz left us in no doubt that poker is still extremely beatable, and he added that the best thing you can do these days is to seek out better players to network with.

So much of this we have heard before from great players, maybe it’s time the rest of us started to listen and follow their advice!

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