Global Poker: A Favourite With Twitch & YouTube Streamers!

3 years ago
Global Poker: A Favourite With Twitch & YouTube Streamers!
22 Jun

To really hit the big-time in online poker nowadays, streaming is a must – and that’s goes as much for poker sites as it does for poker players. For Global Poker, the good news is that their Online World Challenge (OWC) has become a firm favourite of the YouTube and Twitch TV grinders, the likes of ‘Spraggy’ and ‘ModPoker’ testing their mettle in the $million guaranteed summer festival.

 The new growing trend for streamers to call Global Poker their ‘home’ has been sparked by the ability to win real cash playing from the USA. As I’ve covered before, their innovative sweepstakes approach to the online market sees an ingenious Gold coins - $weeps Cash - Paypal trio, which lets you cash out real money.

 With almost $½ million in $weeps Cash (SC$) already paid out as the OWC hits its midpoint, let’s have a look at exactly who is taking their Global Poker games to the streaming world, what they’re playing, and how they are doing…

>> $2 Free No Deposit Required!

  • Let’s start with the self-proclaimed ‘King of the Micro-stakes', ‘ModPoker’, otherwise known as Matthew Newell.

Matt has started to share his Global Poker adventures on his YouTube channel, and if you want to follow his highs and lows at $0.02/0.04 cash games, his chirpy commentary will keep you well-entertained.

  • Next up, a man well-known to PokerTube fans, the PokerVIP pro ‘Spraggy’, who is chronicling his sit and go Global Poker tournaments, again on YouTube.

The Englishman explains how sit and go strategy differs from cash or MTT play, and you’re certain to learn while you enjoy his concise and well-thought out commentaries.

  • ‘Fireburns’, otherwise known as Matt R, has taken Global Poker’s Daily SC$500  tournaments as the focus of his YouTube streaming, and although he looks a bit ‘shady’ in the background, it’s pretty clear why Global Poker’s software has become a talking point – crystal clear tables making it a stream-fans delight.

Playing the daily MTT’s with several hundred dollars up top, this is the kind of poker your writer was brought up on. Smallish stakes but big action as the money bubble approaches!

>> $2 Free No Deposit Required!

Running up $2 to $1000 or more is the kind of dream all micro-stakes players have, and attempting it on Global Poker has a nice extra involved – your initial stake is given to you for free when you sign up!

No deposit required is always a sweet phrase to hear, and even if it’s someone else who’s ‘running it up’, it’s still a really good sweat and might inspire you to take up the challenge yourself.

OK, so these are the guys to watch at the moment, but there will surely be others along soon enough to cash in on the rise of Global Poker’s ingenious set-up and their huge guarantees across the summer months.

$1million of them, and there is plenty of that left to be played for over the next few weeks. In case you haven’t quite ‘got’ the Global Poker sweepstakes approach to online poker, here’s a quick breakdown…

Here’s how it works

You can play with two currencies, Gold Coins and $weeps Cash.

  • When you buy Gold Coins we give you bonus $weeps Cash free of charge.
  • Gold Coins let you play for fun, but switch to $weeps Cash and you can play for real money.

>> $2 Free No Deposit Required!

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TruthSoldierTruthSoldieron 2/7/17

Sounds great, doesn't it? Warning to players in the U.S - you are working with an Australian based company that profits off of a yet to be litigated "$weepstakes" model. Notice the conspicuous "$" Global Poker has hired numerous shills to bolster their online presence, but even a cursory online search will show the extent to which VGW holdings will go to NOT honor legitimate payouts. READ THE FINE PRINT!!! Global Poker has confiscated funds at their discretion (which is in their terms of service). You can have $50,000 dollars in $weepstakes cash...but absolutely 0 guarantee that it will be paid out. And if you want to dig deeper, read their financial prospectus. Shoot first, ask questions later when it comes to the actual legality of their business model. Heck, their entire business is AGAINST THE LAW IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY! So be forewarned, you are rolling the dice and can very well be left holding the bag with thousands of $weepstakes dollars and jack squat in your paypal account. But what do I know? I'm not getting paid for this promotion...must be an "angry gremlin". Read the rules CLOSELY....