Global Poker Madness Kicks off on April 1st With SC$200K Guarantee!

2 years ago
Global Poker Madness Kicks off on April 1st
02 Mar

It kicks off on April 1st, but it’s certainly no April Fool’s jokeGlobal Poker are guaranteeing SC$200,000 for the big finale to their Global Poker Madness, and that’s four times the size of the biggest single tournament they’ve held so far, with players, including US-based poker fans, able to satellite in for as little as SC$1.50.

When Global Poker do promotions, they don’t stint on them, last month’s record-breaking 200 tournament, $1.5million Grizzly Games itself a notch up from the previous season’s Eagle Cup – and their ‘Madness’ biggie is yet another surefire winner.

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How do I play?

Satelliting into the big money stages of any tournament is, of course, the best and often easiest option for online poker players, and Global Poker Madness is offering you the chance over four steps, the final stage being ‘the Nuts’ for big bankrolls or big dreamers…

Before that, however, we have…

Stage 1 - The Mild Satellites - These are SC$1.50 and for every SC$11 in the prize pool a ticket to Stage 2 will be awarded.

Try your luck at the mini buy-in and you’re on the first rung of the ladder, leading to…

Stage 2 - The Moderate Satellites - These are SC$11 and for every SC$77 in the prize pool a ticket to Stage 3 will be awarded.

A familiar buy-in for mid-stakes online poker fans, get through this step and you’re in among the big boys and girls…

Stage 3 - The Extreme Satellites - These are SC$77 and for every SC$540 in the prize pool an entry to the SC$200,000 Main Event will be awarded!

Now we’re getting serious and the $200K guarantee is just one deep run away, leading up to the finale…

Stage 4 - The Nuts! - The big one! This has a SC$540 buy-in and players will be competing for their share of $200,000 in guaranteed cash prizes!

Someone has to take it down, and if you’ve made it this far it could just as easily be you as anyone else!

For those who haven’t experienced the ingenious madness of Global Poker before, here’s what you need to know.

Looking for a way to re-introduce the game to the US market, Global Poker came up with a cunning plan, and…

…here’s how it works

You can play with two currencies, Gold Coins and $weeps Cash.

  • When you buy Gold Coins we give you bonus $weeps Cash free of charge.
  • Gold Coins let you play for fun, but switch to $weeps Cash and you can play for real money.
  • Cash out your winnings using PayPal.

This is by far the biggest single event that Global Poker has ever done and they promise ‘it is going to be completely insane’! So, head over to and get yourself involved in the Madness today!

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