Global Poker's $1,250,000 Rattlesnake Open

2 years ago
Global Poker's $1,250,000 Rattlesnake Open
20 Apr

Global Poker are showing no signs of slowing down their amazing championships offerings – or running out of great names for them – with the 2018 Rattlesnake Open the latest installment in their efforts to bring poker back to the people, including US-based online poker players as the name suggests.

Last year’s Eagle Cup set Global Poker on the path to becoming the fastest-growing poker site open to Americans, this winter’s Grizzly Games solidified their reputation as an excellent  cardroom with huge and varied offerings - and now the spring addition of the Rattlesnake Open promises to be the biggest tournament event in Global Poker history.

135 Championship Events, more than $1,250,000 in real cash prizes and three weeks of non-stop poker action are just part of what lies in store for the Rattlesnake Open contenders.

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The Big One

The Main Event, as always with poker festivals, is one of if not the biggest attractions and the Rattlesnake Open’s premier tournament is no exception – a SC$100,000 guaranteed prize pool making it the single biggest tournament in Global Poker history!

If you want to buy-in direct to what Global Poker are nicknaming ‘the big dance’ it’ll cost you SC$218 but as always you can satellite your way – this time for as little as SC$0.55!

The SC$ - Global Poker’s clever and innovative in-game currency - is explained below for those who haven’t heard of it before, but first let’s look at all the extras on offer throughout the 3-week Rattlesnake extravaganza

Global Poker Champions

Of course the huge cash prizes are part and parcel of becoming a poker champion, but Global Poker like to add that extra feeling of being special for their championship winners.

As with the previous editions – the Eagle Cup and Grizzly Games - champions of the Rattlesnake Open will once again receive an awesome, Global Poker Champions Pack. This will include what the site is rightly calling ‘money can’t buy swag’ with the now standard Global Poker ridiculously oversized trophies!

‘Hometown Heroes’ returns

This amusing little addition the community-feel of Global Poker took off as soon as it was introduced, winners taking selfies or enlisting friends to snap them proudly showing off their trophies in their hometowns. Extra $weeps Cash for doing so is a big incentive, but in poker ego is also a big driver!

Global Poker’s Live stars of the game!

Winning online is one thing, but Global Poker have also given their leaderboard champions the chance to shine on the live felt too – and whoever tops the Rattlesnake Open leaderboard will have to go some to improve on their predecessors.

Grizzly Games overall winner Sandra ‘MommyGingery’ Lefler cashed twice at the recent Wynn Classic in Las Vegas, stating:

“It is great to be able to represent Global Poker here in my home town.”

Before Sandra made her mark, Eagle Cup victor Nathan ‘Penta’ Blair had set a high benchmark, wearing the Global Poker colors in the WSOP Cherokee Circuit Event last December in North Carolina, finishing 34th in that event and walking off with $5,627.

Games for everyone

Whether you hit the felt looking for real money action or just to play for fun, there is a tournament to suit everyone on Global Poker.

Ranging from Full Ring to 4-Max, Turbos to Deep Stacks, the Rattlesnake Open has them all, with the ever-popular Ante Up tournament back too.

It all kicks off on April 30th and if you think you have what it takes to become the biggest rattlesnake out there, head on over to today and prove it!

Global Poker’s $weeps Cash (SC$)

Looking for a way to re-introduce the game to the US market, Global Poker came up with a cunning plan, and…

…here’s how it works

  • You can play with two currencies, Gold Coins and $weeps Cash.
  • When you buy Gold Coins we give you bonus $weeps Cash free of charge.
  • Gold Coins let you play for fun, but switch to $weeps Cash and you can play for real money.
  • Cash out your winnings using PayPal.

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