Greg Merson Captures Poker Fans’ Hearts Again

2 years ago
Greg Merson Captures Poker Fans’ Hearts Again
08 Aug

Former Main Event champ Greg Merson is turning 2018 into a real tear-jerker for his fans, this time almost literally, as he shared his laser eye surgery results after 20 years of what he describes as being ‘legally blind’

–just 2 months after celebrating 6 and a half years of sobriety

Life on and off the felt has been a rollercoaster of emotions for the man who took down the most coveted gold and jewel encrusted bracelet the World Series of Poker has to offer, back in 2012…

…Merson reaching the highest poker peaks but having to endure a trough which included addiction to pain killers, cocaine, adderall, pot and alcohol along the way.

Life-changing decisions seem to have turned it all around for Greg, however, and the moment his eyesight was returned to full glory was captured on video, the $2700 per eye a price clearly worth paying for the legendary poker pro from Hoboken, New Jersey.

Merson’s fans were quick to applaud their favourite player, many having had or planning to have the same surgery themselves…

…and two sick brags in two months required comment, of course…

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