Gus Hansen Wins Big In Star Studded Online Cash Game!

3 years ago
Gus Hansen Wins Big In Star Studded Online Cash Game!
06 Apr

Only a day after he discussed in detail why high stakes online poker is not for him, Gus Hansen decided to visit “Trickett’s Room” on partypoker and play a casual session of $100/$200 PLO

Hansen appeared on Joe Ingram’s podcast Poker Life on Tuesday where the two talked at length about Hansen’s massive losses he suffered playing high stakes online cash games - during the interview “the Great Dane” himself admitted that online poker is not his strong suit and he should probably stick to live poker or backgammon. 

The very next day, however, Hansen was playing live-streamed $100/$200 Pot-limit Omaha on partypoker against players like Sam Trickett, Czech casino owner Leon Tsoukernik and Swedish poker pro Ghena Dawoud. The high stakes partypoker cash game was mentioned on the podcast the day before, Ingram recommended to his guest as a loose, fun game where he believed Hansen had a good chance of being profitable. Lo and behold, Hansen was at the table within 24 hours, buying in with a $20K stack.

Hansen has played a profitable high stakes PLO session recently on Poker After Dark, so had every reason to join the action expecting to make some money.

The session didn’t start well for Hansen, his dealt suited Aces ran into another pair of Aces in a pre-flop all-in hand - BigFish11 outflopped him with a flush which got Hansen down a mere 34 BB ($6.9K) stack. He didn’t reload but impressively he was able to run his chips up to $70K over the course of 4 hours of play.

Shortly after he hit 70K he lost his whole stack to probably the worst player at the table - “KingsOfLeon” Tsoukernik got it all-in on the flop covering Hansen. On the 6J2, two clubs board Tsoukernik was holding JJ88 while Hansen only had the nut flush draw with AcQcK5. The turn paired the board which meant Hansen was drawing dead by the fourth street, hitting his flush on the river didn’t help.

But the night had only started for Hansen - he rebought for another $20K and this time, he didn’t stop until his stack got up to almost $300K which equals to an incredible 1,500 BB!

The most memorable hand of the session was also yet to be played. That pot was also fought for between Tsoukernik and Hansen, and they got it all-in on the flop again - the flop came Ks6dJs, Tsoukernik potted with 8d5dQhKh, Hansen re-raised all-in with AsAcTs4h, his opponent called. The 4s river gave Hansen the nut flush, then - just for good measure - he rivered a Royal Flush with the Qs coming in.

There were many other 6-figure pots during the game, but this kind of crazy high stakes PLO action is nothing new on partypoker - previously Isildur1, Patrik Antonius and Aussie Matt also popped into “Trickett’s Room”, and many more sessions are expected to come soon later, always live streamed on partypoker’s Twitch channel.

Watch Tricketts Room - ONLINE HIGH STAKES CASH action with Sam Trickett and guests 7:30pm CET from partypokerTV on

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