‘Irrelevant’ Luke Schwartz Needles ‘Biggest Life Pigeon’ Doug Polk

3 years ago
‘Irrelevant’ Luke Schwartz Needles ‘Biggest Life Pigeon’ Doug Polk
30 Jan

After yesterday’s  high-rollers squabbling about who is or isn’t a ‘vulture’, today we have a less-exalted bird accusing Doug Polk of being ‘the biggest life pigeon’ – or rather his fans have voted Polk for the new title after Luke ‘_fullflush1_’ Schwartz tweeted a series of petty polls on Twitter, reigniting a long-standing feud between the poker pros.

It was a close run-affair though, Polk garnering 29% of the votes to edge out the other Twitter fight pair of Cate Hall and Mike Dentale, although some of the responses to Schwartz’s tweet were wondering why he hadn’t included himself in the options.

Last May saw the English pro go on the attack in an interview with PokerNews’ Laura Cornelius, saying: 

“This guy Doug Polk is a prick! He does anything to get more attention to his stupid little site.”

Almost a year on and Schwartz is at it again, although Polk managed to avoid a second ‘title’ when he was soundly beaten by Justin Bonomo in the haircut stakes…

…although there was more than a hint at Polk’s new cryptocurrency vlog when Schwartz posted the next in his dozen or so polls…

Doug Polk, of course, isn’t known for avoiding a social media slugfest, tweeting a poll of his own in response…

…with more than 3000 votes so far, and many comments wondering why there wasn’t an ‘All of the above’ option and one Twitter fan, as always, posting a ‘smarter than your average response’….

Luke Schwartz wasn’t quite finished with the Twitter digs, however, interspersing a few decent polls such as ‘Who is the GOAT’ (Greatest of all-time, with Ivey, Negreanu, Hansen and Antonius up for the award) with another couple of jabs at Polk…

Back in 2014, Schwartz told Lee Davy: ‘I’m a new man now. I'm 30 years old - a bit different from the brash, ego driven, crazy guy who roamed around the poker tables when I was in my early twenties,’ but added: ‘I’m a funny guy. I speak my mind. I wouldn’t hold back if I needed to say something, but I’m not an attention-seeking whore anymore.’

Almost 4 years on, that last phrase, perhaps, will make it into a Twitter poll before the day is out - and it might be a very close-run vote!

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