Jaime Staples Impersonator Scamming on Skype

3 years ago
Jaime Staples Impersonator Scamming on Skype
24 Oct

There is a fake Jaime Staples on the loose in Skype poker strategy groups. The scammer appears to be running a con that involves a trade of some kind while impersonating Staples. Staples is a high-profile character in the online game these days and has a trustworthy reputation.

Are Poker Players Still Too Trusting?

Given the ridiculous number of scams the poker community has witnessed over the last two decades, it seems insane to think that many of us are still falling victim to scammers. 

Although there are now plenty of players who weren’t even born when online poker became a real thing, it’s still mostly down to common sense when avoiding the rip off merchants. Usually people will advise  to only lend money to somebody you know well and trust. With online cash swaps, obviously if you don’t really know somebody then make sure they send first.

Bitcoin Not Always the Answer

The scammer in question here claims to be trying to fill a $60k make up hole and is asking somebody to send Bitcoin. He also says that he always splits the profits 50/50 and has made over $400k so far.

It’s a shame that the scam details have not been made clear so people can be made properly aware. If more than $400k has been genuinely scammed from poker strategy groups then this is a serious issue that needs to be cleared up.

Bitcoin is not totally untraceable as many people claim. With fraud on this scale it’s possible that something might be done

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