Has Matt Berkey Discovered The Postlegate Cheating Method?

2 years ago
Has Matt Berkey Discovered The Postlegate Cheating Method?
13 Oct
The Postlegate investigation has gone through several stages over the past two weeks, players and fans of the game dissecting every aspect of the alleged cheating scheme that has gripped the poker world, but the main question is… if Mike Postle is cheating, how is he doing it? Matt Berkey thinks he knows the answer:

Postle’s incredible win-rate over the past year or so on the StonesLive Poker stream almost certainly makes him either the best player in the history of the game, or one of the biggest cheats poker has witnessed.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of just how Postle might be carrying out a scam, Berkey - founder and lead instructor of the Solve for Why Poker Training Academy – had a eureka moment earlier this week…

The main theory is that Postle has been receiving real-time hole-card information – an idea proposed by many in the poker community who are actively investigating the case – and Berkey shows just how that would work if an accomplice is in on the alleged cheating.

 According to Berkey it wouldn’t require more than a very basic knowledge of computers, a simple output URL and Windows Media Player allowing a cheat to have access to a version of the live feed – the cards and % showing up on a mobile screen and allowing the cheat perfect knowledge.

It has already been shown in numerous video clips of the StonesLive Poker streams that Postle has a very strange relationship with his phone, keeping it tucked discretely in his crotch area during almost all of his winning sessions.

Clever detective work has also shown the exact same blue screen on Postle’s phone that Berkey’s RFID software experiments show in his video.

Not quite a smoking gun as yet, but a very damning piece of circumstantial evidence, and it supports the lawsuit that was launched this week against Postle, Stones and others.

In the legal action, such possibilities are mentioned several times:

‘Mr Postle’s systematic use of one or more electronic devices, for the purposes of cheating’.

It also covers as yet unnamed accomplices – referred to as John/Jane Doe 1-10 - who ‘Conspired with Mr Postle to cheat at the game of poker through one or more electronic instrumentalities’, and who ‘installed or implemented electronic devices’.

It may yet turn out that Postle is innocent of the cheating charges – though that seems increasingly like a 1-outer on the river - but the chances are that if cheating occurred, the method uncovered will look very much like the one Berkey discovered.

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