Jamie Kerstetter Claims Daniel Negreanu Deliberately Damaged Her Career

8 months ago
Jamie Kerstetter Claims Daniel Negreanu Deliberately Damaged Her Career
11 Aug

Daniel Negreanu has been accused this week by poker commentator Jamie Kerstetter of deliberately sabotaging her career, the latest in a long line of controversies to dog the Canadian superstar…

Kerstetter states in the video clip above:

“He has hurt my career…he had me removed from a commentary that I was already signed up for.”

That, she says, is “because I speak my mind about him and I’m not going to kiss his ass.”

Naturally, that sparked a feeding frenzy on Twitter, Negreanu’s fans and detractors fighting for equal space to defend or vilify him…

Negreanu himself admitted to giving his opinion on commentators, although at first he didn’t specifically single out Kerstetter or respond to her claims to have already been offered the gig, rather than ‘auditioning’ or being considered for one.

Negreanu tweeted:

“Amazing that people are somehow OUTRAGED about that it’s truly batshit crazy…I have my own taste for commentary. I get others may disagree, but when I’m asked... I’m supposed to lie and say it’s good when I don’t? Ridiculous.”

He added:

“It is true. Many years ago @BartHanson & @stapes auditioned for The Big Game commentary gig. I like both of them. Not personal at all. I thought Stapes was a better comedic fit for the role and shared my opinion. He got the job.”

Irish pro David K Lappin, a long-time foe of Negreanu as we detailed here and here, was soon back on the case…compiling Negreanu’s stream comments about the Kerstetter ‘case’..

In it, Negreanu states:

“Jamie Kerstetter was doing commentary for the World Series of Poker – I didn’t think it was very good” and goes on to claim he discussed it with Norman Chad, and that Chad agreed with him that “she wasn’t good.”

Chad, it should be noted, was the subject of an earlier Negreanu rant this week in which the GGPoker ambassador described the ESPN commentator of choice for the WSOP, alongside Lon McEachern, as a “preachy motherfucker”.

Negreanu also stated:

“I don’t give a fuck what you think, at all, you are not my mentor, my life guru…I’m not going to listen to you, you dumb fuck…”

Again Lappin ensured the clip was out there for all to see….

Back to Kerstetter, who has become a household name among those serious about poker. The law graduate has been around the poker tables for a long time and among those who lost their Full Tilt bankroll in the 2011 scandal.

As a player she has won around $1.5million between live and online tournament play and as a commentator she worked her through Poker Night in America shows, as well as WPT and Heartland Poker Tour gigs.

That culminated in being asked into the WSOP commentary booth in 2018, cut short by actually having to play the Main Event herself – resulting in her 3rd ME cash.

More recently, Kertstetter and fellow poker pro, Marle Cordeiro, have been behind the excellent podcast, The Rake, which this week featured Norman Chad as a guest, which sparked the entire stramash.

Giving Kerstetter the last word for the moment, when told she would get 50% of the ‘cancellation fee’ in other industries, she wittily replied…

But that, as we know, is a whole other story

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