Kevin Hart Beats Usain Bolt in the First #GameOn Heads-Up Match

2 years ago
Kevin Hart Beats Usain Bolt in the First #GameOn Heads-Up Match
05 Mar

Kevin Hart beat Usain Bolt in the first of the two freezeout sessions they’re playing in their #gameon challenge - Bolt still has a chance to equalize.

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart has been competing in silly challenges against Jamaican Olympic gold medalist and current 100-metre dash world record holder Usain Bolt since last summer when the poker room’s #gameon advertising campaign started. We’ve seen them compete to stay longer than the other in a bathtub of ice cold water, we’ve seen them play the bluffing game - when one has to guess whether the other is telling the truth about what object is hidden in a box ; and we’ve even seen them have a foot race at a Bahamian beach which Hart won - after being given a 30 metre head start.

But now, the challenge has finally got to some poker. The two world stars faced each other in a 50 BB heads-up match. This is not the first time PokerStars has shot a promo video like that, in August 2016 Real Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo played Aaron Paul, an actor best known for his role in the drama series Breaking Bad - Ronaldo won that one.

Here, Hart seemed to have a little edge since he’s been active in the high roller live tournament scene the past year, unlike Bolt. The Jamaican got some coaching from Stars pro Fatima Moreira de Melo, however. Daniel Negreanu is also featured in the videos, just like in the all the other challenges, he served as the host of the show.

In the first video of the match-up PokerStars released, Bolt gained the chip lead until he moved all-in with AJ off pre-flop on the advice of his coach, de Melo. Hart called with pocket 7’s which held.

The second part focused on Hart’s bold all-in bluff with 87 off on a 442 flop - his over-the-top acting talents definitely helped him get that fold from his opponent. The show he put on earned him a sizable pot.

At last, we were shown the last hand in the first freezeout session. Bolt was dealt J7 off on the button, while Hart was holding 32 of hearts. Bolt raised it up to 3 BB’s pre-flop, Hart called with great enthusiasm. The flop came AA7, two hearts which paired Bolt but also gave Hart a flush draw. Bolt bet, Hart check-raised him, back to Bolt who called. The 5d on the turn gave Hart a straight draw to go with his low flush draw on a paired board, which was enough for him to move all-in - Bolt called once again, in the lead with two pair but was unable to dodge a heart on the river. The 8h meant all 200,000 chips on the table went to the stubby comic.

But the game is not over yet. Since Bolt agreed to complete two challenges, he has the chance to make the score even with Hart with another 50 BB match.

All he had to do first is hand over his cell phone to Hart and let him text anyone on the contact list - Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton was chosen, who received a nice ambiguous text supposedly from Bolt inviting him to “explore their possibilities”.  

Then, the fastest man alive agreed to wear Kevin Hart’s shirt for the next game - since Bolt’s over a foot taller than Hart, it’s a lot more impressive of a feat than it sounds. 

So the #gameon challenge is to be continued.

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