Luke Schwartz and Doug Polk Exchange Blows on Twitter

4 months ago
Luke Schwartz and Doug Polk Exchange Blows on Twitter
25 May

Archenemies Doug Polk and Luke Schwartz re-ignited their long-standing feud last week with a crypto-connected tweet from the American sparking off another round in the verbal ding-dong...

That “niche” joke as Polk called it, comparing the fall in the price of the virtual currency Ethereum with Schwartz’s PokerStars record was Polk’s umpteenth attempt to get under the Londoner’s skin.

Their feud was sparked years ago with a row over their cash game encounters, with Polk claiming he smashed Schwartz at the Mixed and 2-7 Triple Draw tables.

Luke responded by claiming that the Upswing Poker boss had been ghosted by his friend and colleague Jake 'JLlama' Abdalla, and Doug doubled down by stating that Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom was playing on Schwartz’s account.

The playground verbal fisticuffs continued, the English pro calling out Polk’s training site as a “scam” and Doug calling Luke a “troll” and running a poll…

Schwartz proved he knew how đto run Twitter polls too, choosing his least favourite people to match up against Polk in the “life pigeon” stakes.

Fast-forward a few years and Polk’s tweet last week didn’t go unnoticed, or unanswered, Schwartz tweeting out a “facts” sheet about Polk...

That “reduced to tears by ben86” jibe may need some explanation for some readers, the story basically being that Polk gave Ben Tollerene some NLHE coaching but was upset when Tollerene didn’t return the favour in PLO.

As Tollerene described it, they had talked it out, but then it reared its head once again on a drunken night out in Vegas.

“ Doug starts giving his No. 1 in the World speech and I tell him I don't agree. His sample is too small, etc. We argue for a while and he eventually breaks down and gets really upset. We talk it out until about 5 a.m. in his room, hug each other and we're cool. I wake up the next morning to an essay on Skype about why we cannot be friends anymore.”

Polk later replied to this by stating:

“...Ben Tollerene is my enemy, make no mistake. The way that I was treated, was beyond unacceptable. The story of what happened that night is the most absurd thing that ever happened to me, and if Ben wants to deny his guilt here, I will have no choice but to tell it.”

PokerTube covered that story in detail here and of course it wasn’t the first or last time that a feud involving Doug Polk graced our pages.

Online fights with Jason Mercier, Tom Dwan, Cate Hall, Ben Tollerene, ‘JNandez’ and most notably Daniel Negreanu ensued, all caught in the crosshairs of Doug’s ‘take no prisoners’ approach to YouTube ‘journalism’.

That latter feud, oiled by countless swipes at the Canadian legend, ultimately led to the recent Grudge Match of the Century, with Polk taking $1.2million from Negreanu as they settled their differences.

What will happen next between Polk and Schwartz is unclear, but it’s almost certain to involve harsh words and challenges!

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