Doug Polk and Cate Hall Fight Over ‘Racist’ Tweet

3 years ago
Doug Polk and Cate Hall Fight Over ‘Racist’ Tweet
24 Aug

Two white poker pros having a Twitter spat over how racist white people in America are? It can only be Cate Hall and Doug Polk, both perfectly capable of ‘starting an argument in an empty room’ as my mother would say.

The argument erupted after Hall, well-known for her disgust of all things right-wing and not afraid to speak her mind, tweeted…


“We were not content to fuck up all of history, we had to go and fuck up the future, too.”

Her Twitter comments came in the wake of President Trump’s apparent backing of the openly racist groups who converged on Charlottesville, which left one protester dead and 19 injured after a truck was driven at opponents of the ‘Unite the Right’ rally.

Hall, who later tweeted: ‘I'm judging Trump voters *for voting for Trump*’ of whom the vast majority are white', was pulled up by Polk who responded…

…and that’s when the fireworks began!

Not one to mince her words (as we saw when she took Mike Dentale to task – and then to poker school in their ‘HU4Rollz’ battle) Hall wouldn’t let Polk go, despite his obvious reluctance to engage in a ‘nasty’ Twitter war.

A number of well-known poker players got in on the stramash, including Bill Perkins, and the Shahade’s, poker and chess-playing brother and sister Greg and Jennifer

Even Chicago Joey Ingram got in on the act, jokingly starting his latest YouTube vlog with the twitter spat, before reverting to the actual theme of the video – a crazy Poker Night in America episode featuring Polk where ‘A few hands were played with $100/200/400/800/1600/3200/6400 dollars blinds/straddles’!

Back to Twitter, and it appears even Cate Hall’s energy levels for political and social fighting are not endless, the pro tweeting…

…but not before she’d had a nice dig at Polk by saying ‘his problem is he doesn’t read anything longer than a tweet’ - Ouch!

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