Manz Mind: The Ultimate Poker Mindset App

4 years ago
Manz Mind: The Ultimate Poker Mindset App
20 Jul

Pete Manzinelli and Fedor Holz are two very different poker players. One of them is a genius author of the most epic run in poker history, with millions of dollars in tournament winnings and a number of prospective entrepreneurial ventures - and the other one is Fedor Holz.

There's, however, one thing that both Manz and Holz have in common, they are both creators and faces of two different poker mindset apps. "Manz Mind" and "Primed Mind" have the potential to take your game to the next level so let's compare and contrast the two to see which product is superior.

Manz Mind vs Primed Mind

Ancient Greek philosophers were the first to figure out the truth that's so relevant in modern times - authority trumps facts every time. Because of that, we should start our comparison of "Manz Mind" and "Primed Mind" by taking a closer look at Manzinelli and Holz.

Both of them are considered great poker players but only one of them is a true poker legend with more than a decade of experience, who after all these years is still going strong from one tournament win to another, and that's of course Manz.

Holz is a relative newcomer to the scene and he already decided to retire from poker after a string of mediocre results, which doesn't really inspire confidence. I don't know about you, but if I were interested in becoming the best plumber on the planet I wouldn't take my advice from a 23-year-old kid who tapped out of the business after fixing a few leaks, I'd instead turn my attention to the guy that was holding a plunger firmly in his hand for the better part of the last two decades.

Next on the list of important things to compare is the marketing. Advertising is an art and a good marketing strategy can make or break the product. Both apps decided to go with somewhat similar slogans which clearly shows how a small change in wording can mean a world of difference. "Are you ready to get primed?" sounds like something you could hear from a doctor as he's putting on a pair of rubber gloves.

In contrast with that lovely image, Manz's "getting paid and getting laid" sounds much more appealing. YouTube commercials for both apps are also similar. Both of them feature some atmospheric piano music and top notch editing showing off the app's features, but while "Primed Mind" bogs down its core message with meaningless buzzwords like "experts", "content" or "potential", Manz goes straight to the point by guaranteeing far less ephemeral things like "baller mindset" and "millions of dollars"

Last, and certainly the least important part of the product - content. "Primed Mind" has a large database of different immersive audio clips aimed at improving various skills like confidence, creativity or the ability to stay in the moment. The app is suited for poker players but also fitness or even e-sports enthusiasts. Unfortunately, "Primed Mind" also requires a considerable time commitment of 10 minutes each day and let's be honest, no smartphone user has that kind of time to waste.

"Manz Mind" is much more streamlined and effective. It doesn't have a different immersive sound clip for everything, it has one 69 second long clip for the very thing you need, which is learning how to become the absolute poker baller. Do you want to spend 10 minutes of your day honing arguably useless mental skills like creativity and confidence or do you want to know how to get them fat stackz? Do you want to grow and become a healthy, mindful and successful person or do you want to get paid and get laid? Manzinelli's app gives you the answers to these rhetorical question in one minute with change

There Can be Only One

Mindset apps are all the rage these days, but while the vast majority of them focus on visualization, mindfulness meditation, and other boring, ineffective techniques "Manz Mind" finally breaks that mold by giving the users exactly what they actually need.

Pete Manzinelli exposes the ridiculous idea that you can become a successful poker player by slowly improving your confidence, creativity, and discipline, "Manz Mind" is the ultimate poker mindset app, a quick fix everyone was waiting for that's going to transform you from the average poker grinder that you currently are to the beast poker baller that you always wanted to be.

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