Matt Staples Matches Brother Jaime in RIU Reno

2 years ago
Matt Staples Matches Brother Jaime in RIU Reno
19 Oct

Twitch TV poker streamer Matt Staples narrowly failed to improve on elder brother Jaime’s 2nd spot in the Run it Up Reno festival yesterday, having to content himself with a runner-up spot as well as he lost out heads-up against Steve Dietrich in the $125 NLH Win the Button event.

Big Brother Jaime, one of the most popular poker streamers on Twitch and a PokerStars Team online pro, had earlier the same day launched a deep run in the 8-game championship, looking to match his $26,798 PLO side-event win a couple of months ago at the PokerStars Championship in Barcelona.

Matt’s deep run ended when the river landed in favour of his opponent, the RIU blog describing the final hand action…

Steve Dietrich: T♣5♣

Matthew Staples: 7♠8♥

Staples hit a pretty favorable flop of 6♦4♥7♣ and was hoping to survive. The turn came the 4♦ and Staples was still good until the dealer slammed the T♣ on the river sending Staples out in second place and making Dietrich the champion of the $125 NLH Win the Button.’

The RunItUp Reno festival is the brainchild of Jason Somerville, the most-watched Twitch TV poker streamer in history under the name ‘jcarverpoker’, and the week long stint at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino is one of the most fun events of the fall season with a host of imaginative events as well as over $300K in guarantees.

Although the Staples’ brothers aren’t generally known for live tournament play, their online following was much in evidence in Reno, Jaime posing with fans during breaks…

…although not always aware of what they were getting up to behind his back…

It was a lean-looking Jaime and a rather more bulked-up Matt who took to the tables this week, the Canadian brothers well-set to cash in on their prop bet with Bill Perkins which has seen them working hard to reach the same weight in one year.

Back in March Jaime topped the scales at Jaime 305lbs, brother Matt a mere 130lbs, but the $3000 bet at 50-1 odds has clearly motivated the pair – Matt showing the world how to go about bulking up…

The online playing, streaming and vlogging which occupies much of their time now has a new ‘home’, the pair having moved first from Montreal to Vienna, an aborted stay in Romania followed by a short stint in the UK - with a streaming trip in the Caribbean cut short by Hurricane Irma – but now the team have started to settle in to their new Costa Rican base…

The Run It Up Reno event continues until the 23rd October.

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