Staples Brothers Weight Loss Prop Bet Update

5 years ago
Staples Brothers Weight Loss Prop Bet Update
18 May

The Staples brothers have been at it since late March, one gorging on pork chops, french fries and potatoes, the other leaning more heavily toward salads and ice cubes.

Jaime, at 304 lbs. when the prop bet began, is doing the heavy leaning, aiming to lose 120 lbs. or so in one year's time. His brother, Matt, initially a 134-lbs. lightweight, is the one packing on the carbs in hopes that he and his bro can collect $150,000 on a $3K bet at 50-1 with billionaire Bill Perkins.

Anxiety Central

The aim is to be within one lb. of each other when the year is up, no small feat no matter how you dice it or slice it. From the looks of the brothers' latest vlog providing a weigh-in update, Jaime already seems a bit out of whack mentally.

He admitted to having difficulty structuring his time properly, with exercise and the PokerStars SCOOP festival his main concerns. Mixed in with that is the added pressure of quitting smoking - a resolution that started two weeks prior to the prop bet - and you have a recipe for high anxiety.

The Weigh-In

Their progress thus far has found Matt moving up a couple weight classes to the welterweight division at 147 lbs., just a tad shy of one more class jump to super welterweight. From the looks of the spread of delicious pork steak and fries waiting for him, Matt may be topping 150 lbs. at the next weigh-in.

Jaime weighed in at 286 lbs., losing some 17 lbs. since the bet kicked off, dropping a pants size in the process. So the boys are now 139 lbs. apart, which is still more than Matt weighed at the start, but 31 lbs. less than the 170-lbs. difference initially.

One More Weigh-In

A quick weigh-in by Jaime without his brother in a succeeding vlog found the big boy 3 lbs. lighter at 283. He again mentioned feeling  a certain uneasiness - "loopy" is how Staples described it - which is totally understandable considering the task at hand.

Some cool footage of the waves hitting the rocks near where the brothers are staying in Split, Croatia was the highlight of the second vlog. Although Jaime would likely say that the highlight for him was eating at a restaurant, something he hadn't done in at least a week.

Including Jaime's solo weigh-in in the second vlog, here is the Staples' current progress in their prop bet with Bill Perkins:

Starting Weight
Current Weight
Jaime304.0 lbs/137.9 kg
283.1 lbs/128.4 kg
-20.9 lbs/-9.5 kg
Matt134.0 lbs/60.8 kg
147.1 lbs/66.7 kg
+13.1 lbs/+5.9 kg

  • Weight Difference at Start: 170 lbs/77.1 kg
  • Weight Difference Now: 136 lbs/61.7 kg

Will the Brothers Staples be successful in this crazy prop bet? Only time will tell, but Jaime trying to lose that much weight AND quit smoking at the same time is too much to take on at once, in my opinion. Concentrate on the no smoking after the prop bet, bro.

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